Free Tools to Help You Sell More Event Tickets 

Woman pointing with both hands to her left, towards ticket and dollar icons

You already know how to create events, but how do you get more attendees to actually buy tickets?

There are plenty of paid tools available to help you get more people in the door. But you don’t need paid tools to sell more event tickets. Fortunately, there are lots of free resources that can help you boost sales without cutting into your bottom line. 

Here are some free options to help you get the word out and sell more tickets.

Social media platforms 

Social media is one of the best channels for marketing, especially if you have an awesome event to promote and tickets to sell. The best part is social media is free to join, post, and engage. 

Join networks your audience is most likely to be on, such as Facebook, X/Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. These platforms have free built-in features exclusively for events, making it easier for you to promote your event and for people to discover it. 

Beyond those features, you can engage in a variety of ways, including images, short videos, countdowns, and more. Then, think beyond your own social channels and find Facebook groups for your local community events or use LinkedIn for industry events. Just make sure it’s okay to promote your events there and you’ll be good to go.

You can also add social sharing buttons on your event pages to make it easy for attendees to spread the word about your awesome event.


Like social media, email is great for event promotion. Plus, there are lots of free email marketing tools. Some popular email marketing platforms with free tiers include: 

If you’ve been hosting events for a while, chances are that you’ve got a lengthy email list. If your previous attendees had a great experience last time, reach out to them and get some repeat customers. Notifying past attendees about your upcoming events is a great way to keep them coming back for more. 

With a free email tool, you can send announcements, updates, and ticket sale alerts. But these platforms are limited, so if you’re ready to upgrade to a robust email marketing tool, try Promoter. It integrates with The Events Calendar and Event Tickets for a super seamless event experience. 

Your website 

While you’re promoting on social media and email, don’t forget about your own website! It doesn’t cost anything to add a page to it, so create a page just for your event. Include graphics you can make in Adobe Express or Canva, and then share important event details. 

On your event landing page, you should include: 

  • An event description 
  • Visual elements, like photos, videos, or graphics 
  • A call to action 
  • Speakers, sponsors, and other partners 
  • Reviews and testimonials from past events
  • FAQs
  • A section to buy tickets (more on that in the next section)
  • Social share buttons

To help create this page, use a landing page template or a free page builder like Kadence Blocks

This page can be promoted for free by sharing the link in your social media posts, emails, physical flyers, and QR codes. Pass along the link so your partners can share it, too. 

You can even take this a step further by setting up The Events Calendar for free. It allows you to create an event calendar on your WordPress website with different views and customizations. Add this calendar to your homepage for maximum visibility and free event promotion! 

Design tools 

Design can greatly impact your promotion efforts and ticket sales. If the design is lackluster, people may think your event isn’t professional or credible. On the other hand, great design can encourage attendance and boost interest.

Free design tools like Adobe Express and Canva can give an extra visual boost to your event landing page and social media and email graphics. You can even create physical tickets if you don’t want to sell and manage them directly on your website. 

On the other hand, if you use digital tickets with a premium tool like Wallet Plus, you can customize your tickets with colors and your logo.  

With design, you can get attendees excited about the event so they share it with their friends. Potential customers will like it because it helps them understand your event and encourages them to attend. Either way, you’ll sell more event tickets. 

Event Tickets 

Event Tickets is a free WordPress plugin from The Events Calendar. With it, you can create and sell tickets right from your website. You’ll keep users on your site instead of sending them to a third party vendor. This way, they are more likely to make a purchase and you won’t have extra fees to deal with. There’s even a free e-commerce solution, Tickets Commerce, that allows you to collect payments through a PayPal or Stripe integration. 

Not only can you sell tickets, but you can also manage attendees and track ticket sales right on your website. You can share the tickets on any page, post, or event, too, making it easier to promote and sell them. 

You’ll even get access to free extensions to extend the plugin’s abilities. With Event Ticket extensions, you can create customized email templates for your attendees, add additional fields on your tickets, and add email marketing integrations.

It’s super easy to get started. All you need to do is download Event Tickets, configure your settings, and create your first ticket


Partners are a valuable resource to your events. You can have speakers, sponsors, influencers, and others who all contribute to your event’s success. But did you know they can promote your event for you, too? 

Collaborate with your event partners on a strategy or quick promotion tactics. Ask them to share on their social media channels and to their email audiences. Tag or mention them in your own posts – their audience will see it. 

You can also add partners to your website and event landing page. If a site visitor recognizes a partner’s face or logo, it may entice them to purchase a ticket – at no extra cost to you! 

Sell more tickets with free tools 

Now that you know some of the best free tools for selling more tickets, give them a try and see what they can do for you!  

If you need a tool that can help you sell tickets and scale with you, Event Tickets is for you. It comes with all the essential features you need out of the box. Upgrade at a later date or keep it free forever – the choice is yours. 

Download Event Tickets today to get started, or try out the free demo to explore its full functionality.