Simple tools for adding events to your WordPress site.

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Turns out people use the internet all over the place, and sometimes it’s on little tiny devices.  We’ve gone beyond just making things skinny with media queries, we serve up totally customized views when necessary.

We are Committed To Quality and Stability

With well over 4,000,000 downloads and an active user base of over 400,000, we have the responsibility to provide a consistent and stable product. We hold quality very dear to our heart and have a dedicated support staff ready to answer your questions. It’s not that we don’t ever make mistakes – just that we fix ’em fast and are here to help.

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"We feature about 300 events per week... The plug-ins make it really easy for us to allow community members to add their events and for us to manage the whole process... There's no better event calendar plug-in out there!"

- Rick Maggio
Walk About Wellington