Introducing Event Aggregator

Event Aggregator makes importing events a breeze. Run imports from multiple sources right from your dashboard, including event from Facebook, Meetup, Google Calendar, iCalendar, and (beta) other URLs via built-in REST API support.

Automatic imports can be scheduled to run behind the scenes or you can manually import them when you’re ready. Event Aggregator puts you in the control seat, creating one central dashboard to manage all of your event imports.

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Ready. Set. Import.

Want to fill your calendar with loads of awesome events? Event Aggregator imports events using feeds from your favorite sources across the web.

Manage all of your event imports from your WordPress dashboard. Schedule imports to run automatically behind the scenes or manually import events when you’re ready – Event Aggregator keeps you in the control seat, giving you the ability to add categories, preview your imports, and maintain full publishing control.

The easiest part? Since Event Aggregator is an add-on service for The Events Calendar, there are no extra plugins to download or maintain.

Key Features

Import from multiple sources Facebook, Meetup, Google Calendar, iCalendar, and other sites running The Events Calendar plugin.
Bulk imports Import many events at once.
Group and individual imports Import events from Facebook and Meetup using group, page, and host event feeds or directly from individual event URLs.
Automatic and manual imports Schedule automatic imports or run manually at your convenience. CSV imports (included with The Events Calendar) can be uploaded manually from the same screen.
Filters Imports from iCalendar, Google Calendar, and ICS can be modified with filters for keyword, location, and date.
Smart sync Grab updates from the original event source without duplicating events on your calendar.
Control your publishing Publish imported events automatically or save as a draft to review.
Categorize imports Assign Event Categories to imported events globally or more specifically.
Persistent pruning Remove imported events without them being duplicated on the next import.
Access your import history Every import is tracked in your History log and includes information on the date, source, type, and outcome of the import.

One Solution, Many Applications

Friends Friendship Leisure Vacation Togetherness Fun Concept

Community Calendars

Add feeds from relevant interest groups, organizations, and businesses to create a calendar your users will love. Event Aggregator makes it easy for you to become THE go-to resource for events in your area, giving you more time to focus on engaging with your community.

Group Of University Students Relaxing In Common Room

Schools & Universities

Importing event feeds from athletic teams, academic departments, cultural centers, and student organizations is a snap with Event Aggregator. With just a few clicks, you’ll be ready to showcase everything happening on campus in one central calendar – something students, staff, alumni, and parents will love.

Business woman lecturing at Conference. Audience at the lecture hall.

Businesses & More

Struggling to get everyone on the same system for events? Event Aggregator bypasses that barrier by allowing you pull events from multiple sources, even if those calendars aren’t set up on WordPress. Now you can create a master calendar with a few swift clicks – no complicated migration or tedious copy/paste required.

Better Than Ever

  • Comprehensive Control
  • Facebook
  • iCal
  • Meetup
  • Other URLs (Beta)
Comprehensive Control

Event Aggregator builds on our previous iCal Importer and Facebook Events plugins by combining their best features and adding additional functionality – then wrapping it all into one convenient service.

Instead of shopping for multiple plugins to get the functionality you want, now you can quickly & easily manage all of your event imports in one place. One Event Aggregator license takes care of them all, with no extra plugins to configure or maintain.

Already purchased iCal Importer or Facebook Events? Make the switch to Event Aggregator for free.

Comprehensive Control

35 million people view a public event on Facebook each day. Wouldn’t it be great to attract some of that traffic to your site?

With Event Aggregator, we’ve expanded our Facebook event capabilities to support event imports from Facebook pages, groups, and individuals. Imports can be run on an automatic schedule or processed manually to pull in new events and keep your calendar synced with the most up-to-date information from the event organizer.


Many sites across the web publish their events in an iCal or ICS format, making them easy to import into your events calendar. But there are some pretty big places that don’t – Facebook, Meetup, and Google Calendars, to name a few.

By incorporating the tried & true features of our iCal Importer plugin and completely refactoring the code to include additional features, we’re able to provide a better, more stable service for our users. Even if you’re only using the iCal import features for now, Event Aggregator gives you the flexibility to add those extra import sources when you’re ready without needing to purchase an extra plugin – everything’s already baked into the service.


With 258,000 groups in 178 countries, over 625,000 events are posted each month on That’s a big pool of events to choose from and present on your calendar.

Event Aggregator makes it easy to curate and import events from your favorite Meetup groups. Upcoming events can be imported at the group level or by using a single event URL. With our smart sync feature, you can grab updates from the original event source without duplicating events on your calendar.

Other URLs (Beta)

Using “Other URL” as your import source, you can quickly grab event data from other websites across the web without hunting for an iCal feed.

This feature currently works to import data by URL from over 150,000 sites running The Events Calendar version 4.5 or higher. When importing events from these sites, Event Aggregator is able to pull in data from all of our standard plugin fields, including featured images, venues, and even event settings.

Import by URL support for other websites and platforms is in the works. In the meantime, you can continue using Event Aggregator to import events from most sites across the web using iCal as the import source.

Other URLs (Beta)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are any other plugins required?

Nope, no additional plugins are needed.

As long as you’re running a WordPress site with The Events Calendar installed (version 4.3 or later), you’ll be able to purchase and use the Event Aggregator service.

What’s the difference between an import & an event?

An import is the process of bringing event data from an outside source into your calendar. Events are the result of this process.

When a calendar listing is imported into The Events Calendar, a new event is created on your site using the data from the original listing.

How do the event import limits work?

There is no limit to the number of events you can fetch during each import, however, there is a limit on the number of imports you can run each day depending on your license level.

If you’re running a once-daily import from two Facebook groups and one Meetup group, that counts as three total imports, regardless of the number of events published to your site.

Worth noting – if you use the same license key on multiple sites, all imports run by those sites combined will count towards your daily import limit.

Can I schedule ICS or CSV imports?

Scheduled imports are not available for ICS or CSV files uploads. ICS and CSV files need to be manually uploaded.

Can I import events from anywhere?

You can import events from most sites across the web – even if they’re not using WordPress! Event Aggregator currently supports imports from,, Google Calendar, iCalendar, and ICS. CSV imports (included with The Events Calendar) can be imported as a manual upload.

Event Aggregator also supports importing by URL from other sites running The Events Calendar plugin, including all standard fields and individual event settings.

As long as a site is providing their calendar data in a standardized iCal or ICS format, Event Aggregator should be able to import events from that site. If a site is not providing their calendar data that way, you may need to use an alternate tool like our Eventbrite Tickets plugin.

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Event Aggregator is available for WordPress sites running the FREE version of The Events Calendar plugin (version 4.3 or higher).

Recommended Add-On

Our Filter Bar plugin helps visitors navigate your calendar by adding a configurable set of filters to your event pages, allowing users to search by event category, post tag, venue, organizer, day of the week, and more. Learn more about the Filter Bar.

Need Help?

If you have questions about functionality or what tools are best for you, please post a thread to our Pre-Sales Help Desk and we’ll be happy to help!

Helpful Links

Recurrence support

If you are going to be using Events Calendar PRO on your site it’s worth noting that while Event Aggregator can import recurring events, once imported they will become standalone, single events—rather than a connected series of events.

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