Events Calendar Pro and our suite of add-ons grew out of our need at Modern Tribe to provide solutions for our customers.

These were real businesses with real needs, and we designed and built ECP to solve their problems.

We shared that code with the community, via The Events Calendar Core which you can find today for free on the WordPress repo. Events Calendar Pro grew out of the community’s need for more features and more support. Modern Tribe (the company behind this shindig) is going on its 10th year, and The Events Calendar is turning 6 this year. We are here for the long haul.

Today, we think that our community needs three things to thrive.

Great code means being vigilant about standards. Defending against bloat. It means a commitment to scaling, performance, and security. Great code means knowing WordPress inside and out, and when WordPress is lacking, committing back to WP core to help it grow.

We value beautiful design. Our plugins are thoughtfully designed with user goals dictating decisions. We prototype and user test. That said, an exceptional user interface is no excuse for an ugly website. We know that visual design is important to you, so our plugins are designed to look great with as many themes as possible, and we’ve built them to make styling easy.

At the end of the day, our phenomenal support staff is our foundation. We’re committed to our products, and we believe that they will help your business grow. We’ve got a renewed focus on documentation, a committment to regular and steady releases, and a team of great people ready to help. We’ll admit when we screw up, and do our best to fix it as fast as possible. We believe that you are the reason we’re here, and we’re grateful for the opportunity.