Image Widget Plus

Beautiful display options for your favorite photos

What does it do?

Image Widget Plus goes beyond the functionality of our basic Image Widget plugin, adding tools for ultimate widget flexibility.

  • Multi-Image Support
  • Lightbox
  • Slideshow
  • Random Images

This lightweight plugin delivers all the features and extensibility you need, without any complicated setup required.


License Options (More Info)

Personal $29

Get updates & support for a year on 1 site.

Business $49

Get updates & support for a year on 3 sites.

Agency $99

Get updates & support for a year on 10 sites.

Multisite $119

Get updates & support for a year for an unlimited number of sites within a multisite network.

Unlimited $249

Get updates & support for a year on an unlimited number of sites.

Unlimited and Multisite licenses are also available. Click here!

Tell a Story with Slideshows

Go beyond a single static image with the Slideshow feature built into Image Widget Plus. With a simple dropdown selection, you can select multiple images to create a gallery slideshow in your widget area.

The Slideshow function can be combined with our Lightbox feature, allowing you to choose the best user experience for your site visitors.

Image Widget Surf Slide 1Image Widget Surf Slide 2Image Widget Surf Slide 3Image Widget Surf Slide 4

Showcase Images with Lightbox

Give detailed images the special attention they deserve – Lightbox allows users to click on an image and have it enlarge so they can view it in full detail.

Showcase Images with Lightbox

Get Creative with Random Images

Can’t decide which image to choose for your widget? Add them all!

With Image Widget Plus, you can select multiple images for your widget and set it to display a random image each time the page loads.

Random Images

Where Will You Use Image Widget Plus?

Powerful Features. Elegant Display. Flexible Options.

Portfolio Showcase

Highlight examples of your creative work and land your next client or gig!

Use the lightbox option to showcase big, high-quality images and the slideshow layout to encourage visitors to click through to your next project.

Lead Generation

Visual content converts. Promote your latest eBook, webinar, or free download by creating attractive images with a compelling call-to-action.

You can link your image directly to a signup form or send visitors to a landing page for more information.

Location or Venue Tours

Don’t just rely on words to tell your story – use photos to show visitors exactly what they can expect when they walk into your venue.

From lighting to decor, you can use the slideshow feature of Image Widget Plus to take visitors on a virtual tour of your location.

Custom Ads

Create your own banner or affiliate ad images and add them to sidebar-specific pages or posts to target specific segments of your audience.

Curated Photo Galleries

Have loads of photo galleries on your site? Highlight a single image or allow users to scroll through a gallery of hand-selected photos using the Slideshow feature.

Branding & Logos

Show off your logo or related brand images in any widget area of your site. Consistent branding can enhance an existing design and help build user trust as they navigate the pages of your site.