Community Tickets

Empower community events organizers to sell tickets!

What does it do?

Community Tickets extends the functionality of our Community Events and Event Tickets Plus plugins so that your website visitors can seamlessly create and sell tickets for the events they submit to your calendar—without needing to access to WordPress.

With flexible payment and fee options, Community Tickets gives you control to setup your business exactly how you want it. The fab four of Community Tickets, Community Events, Event Tickets, and Event Tickets Plus creates a truly interactive calendar experience with revenue potential that is sure to be a huge hit with your organizers!

License Options (More Info)

Personal $149

Get updates & support for a year on 1 site.

Business $199

Get updates & support for a year on 3 sites.

Agency $299

Get updates & support for a year on 10 sites.

Unlimited $750

Get updates & support for a year on an unlimited number of sites.

Multisite $349

Get updates & support for a year for an unlimited number of sites within a multisite network.

Unlimited and Multisite licenses are also available. Click here!

Key Features

User Ticketing Platform
Community Tickets gives event organizers the ability to sell tickets to their own events on your website.

No Admin Access Required
Users can create tickets, sell them, and access reports without needing access to your WordPress admin dashboard.

Attendee Report
Event organizers can view attendee details for each of their events and use check-in tools to manage guests.

Sales Report
Review the event summary at a glance, including ticket sales information, event earnings, and total revenue.

Collect Ticket Fees
Set your own ticket fees on a per-ticket, per-event, or per-sale basis. Fees can be included in the ticket price, added to the ticket price, or displayed as an additional cost on the cart page.

Split-Payment Option
Allows you to split the ticket revenue between your site and the event organizer at the time of ticket purchase. Use any payment gateway with WooCommerce and issue payouts over PayPal.

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Community Tickets Requirements

Note that Community Tickets requires Community Events, The Events Calendar, Event Tickets, Event Tickets Plus, and WooCommerce to be installed and activated on the same site. All four plugins are required to use Community Tickets features. Events Calendar PRO is not required, but can also be used to add even more features, such as additional fields.

More Information

Need more information on Community Tickets? Be sure to check out our Knowledgebase articles. If you have questions about functionality or what plugins are best for you, please post a thread to our Pre-Sales Help Desk and we’d be happy to help out!