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We’re proud to offer a free Events Calendar Pro license to qualified nonprofit organizations.

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Managing Nonprofit Events on WordPress

Not sure if The Events Calendar is right for your organization? Learn how nonprofit organizations around the world and managing events with our tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Events Calendar for Nonprofits discount program is available to eligible nonprofits around the world. In the U.S., organizations must be designated 501(c)(3) by the IRS in order to be eligible.

Organizations that do not qualify for The Events Calendar’s Nonprofit Program

  • US-based organizations that do not have a 501(c)3 designation, but rather a 501(c)4, 501(c)6 or other nonprofit status, do not qualify.
  • Nonprofit organizations that have not obtained recognized charitable status/documentation in their respective country
  • K-12 schools, colleges and universities.
  • Commerce and trade associations without charitable aims or activities benefitting non-members
  • Fiscally sponsored organizations (non-profit organizations offering their legal and tax-exempt status to groups)
  • Political and labor organizations
  • Individuals

We’ll donate a license of Events Calendar Pro or Event Tickets Plus (you can indicate your preference in the application) to your organization. You can learn more about those products here.

This license will be good for all updates for five years, however it does not come with access to our premium support services.

For access to premium support, your organization would need to own an active license that was purchased from us and not part of this non-profit program.

Applications are only accepted via the form on this page. The review process can take up to 4-6 weeks, though is generally faster.