Email Marketing for Events

Connect with your community via email through every stage of your event, bolster event attendance, and manage notifications more efficiently than ever.

Send unlimited custom and automated emails to event attendees.
Includes updates & support for one year.
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Marketing Bundle
Promoter bundled with Events Calendar Pro & Event Tickets Plus
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Includes updates & support for one year.
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Connect to your audience at every stage of the event

List Management

Streamline your email process

With Promoter running alongside The Events Calendar and Event Tickets, you can stop exporting and managing lists through cumbersome email applications and manage all of your contacts with no extra steps.


Create personalized messages

Personalizing messages is a major key to higher conversion rates, which means more attendees at your events. Promoter makes it simple to personalize your email with fields for everything from the recipient’s name to the number of remaining tickets for the event and more.


Schedule messages with shortcuts

Never forget to send a reminder email again with Promoter’s Shortcuts feature. You can easily schedule pre-written messages at common event touchpoints, including reminders emails, ticket sale dates, and cancellation emails. Personalize shortcuts with your own messages or create your own custom shortcuts to fit your event.

Triggered Messages

Automate with Triggered Messages

Save busy work and automatically send emails when attendees perform specific actions. Want to send an email right when someone purchases a ticket or submits an RSVP? Triggered messages have you covered.

Promoter features

Start growing your events with Promoter

Send unlimited emails to event attendees.
You must be running our free The Events Calendar and Event Tickets plugins on WordPress to use Promoter.
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Marketing Bundle
Promoter plus TEC Pro & Tickets Plus
$199 Save 20%
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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely not! Promoter is a standalone service that connects to The Events Calendar and Event Tickets on your WordPress site.

Once you have registered your Promoter license in The Events Calendar settings in WordPress, Promoter will automatically communicate with The Events Calendar to sync events, and Event Tickets Plus to sync event attendees.

Yes, The Events Calendar and Event Tickets (both free) need to be installed and activated on your WordPress site in order for Promoter to import events from your calendar. The Events Calendar is a free plugin that is available to download in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Promoter only supports The Events Calendar at the moment. But, if you want to be crafty, you can use our Event Aggregator service to automatically import events from other calendars — including Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal and Meetup — into The Events Calendar, which will then sync with Promoter.

Promoter subscriptions are annual and can be canceled any time during the subscription.

If you cancel your subscription, you will still be able to use Promoter normally throughout the remainder of your annual subscription. You simply will not be charged at the next billing cycle.

Please check out our knowledgebase for more information on Promoter subscriptions.

Yes! In fact, Promoter has a Triggered Messages feature that allows emails to be sent based on user interactions.

These interactions include:

  • When a user purchases a ticket
  • When a user RSVPs “Going” for an event
  • When a user RSVPs “Not Going” for an event
  • When a user checks into the event

We are currently working on some pretty neat wp-admin integrations with Promoter, so stay tuned!

In fact, we already have a pretty useful one ready for you to use 🙂

Check out our Promoter wp-admin integration extension to find out more!