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The best way to get tickets into the hands of your customers.

Looking for the latest in WordPress events ticketing? Check out our new plugins Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus!

WooCommerce Tickets and our other legacy ticketing plugins will be retiring. Read more about the transition and what it means for you.

An Introduction to Event Tickets Plus

Event Tickets Plus works with your favorite ecommerce engine

Event Tickets Plus extends your favorite WordPress ecommerce platforms, including WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

  • Sell tickets directly within your posts, pages, and event calendar listings
  • No ticket fees (as required by most third-party ticket services) for site admins or buyers
  • Create all tickets from directly within the WordPress admin…no need to visit a third-party website
  • Style the ticket box using custom templates as you see fit
  • Add multiple tickets (free and/or paid) to any event
  • Set windows of time for when you want given ticket types to be on sale
  • Limit how many tickets of a given type are available, with a clear SOLD OUT reference on the frontend once they’re gone
  • Internationalized & ready for translation (if you want to translate to your native language in exchange for a free license, let us know)
  • Include QR codes on tickets to expedite your event checkin process
  • Generate reports on an event- or ticket- specific basis
  • HTML-based tickets and a handy attendee list to “check in” users as they arrive
  • Multi-site compatible

For whatever kind of event you have

  • Concerts
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Health & Wellness
  • Churches & Community
  • Schools & Universities

Pack ’em in for your performance

Coupling The Events Calendar with Event Tickets Plus creates a powerful solution for selling tickets to your concerts and performances. Tickets are HTML emails that are easily customizable, so your guests can show up with printed tickets or display the tickets on their smartphones.

Bars & Restaurants

Sell tickets with low overhead

We know the restaurant business is one of tight margins. If you’re having special events at your establishment, why would you want to give 5% of your ticket sales to a third party? With Event Tickets Plus, you control the sales and you keep the profits.

Bars & Restaurants
Health & Wellness

Easy to set up, easy to use

If you have one off events in your health club, yoga studio, or spa, The Events Calendar + Event Tickets Plus can be a great way to get people in the door. The weekly calendar view makes it simple to share what’s happening at your business, and our plugins make event registration a breeze.

Coming in a future release: recurring tickets that will enable you to sell package tickets to classes!

Health & Wellness
Churches & Community

Your focus is on bringing people together. We’ll make sure they get there at the right time.

At most churches there are people coming and going all the time. This makes sense when you consider that churches tend to have events and programs for nearly every age group. All of these events and programs lead to a problem for most church communities though… the calendar. It begins to take on a life of its own and can become unruly if not managed well.

Churches & Community
Schools & Universities

Managing Students, Alumni and Faculty is difficult enough. Your technology should be easy.

We’ve seen more success with Universities and Schools using The Events Calendar and Event Tickets Plus than any other industry.

Venues and Organizers become key features when managing events and tickets across campus. Use Community Events to share the effort of entering events with your community.

Schools & Universities

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Stay Within Your Site

Event Tickets Plus allows users to stay on your WordPress site for the entire ticketing process. When run as an upgrade to our free Event Tickets plugin, tickets can be added directly to posts and pages. When combined with The Events Calendar or Events Calendar PRO, tickets are displayed within the event listings.

Any tickets you create with Event Tickets Plus will keep the feel of the overall site, and can be further customized as you see fit by modifying the template. Plus, since the tickets are created as products within your choice of WordPress ecommerce provider, you get to take advantage of the many slick features those ecommerce solutions already have to offer, such as reports, detailed order history, and coupon integration to apply discounts to ticket purchases.

More Information

Need more information on Event Tickets Plus? Be sure to check out our Knowledgebase articles, particularly the section on tickets features. You’ll also want to check out our demo site to see Event Tickets Plus (and our other add-ons) in action. If you have questions about tickets functionality or what plugins are best for you, please post a thread to our open Pre-Sales Help Desk and we’d be happy to help out.

Please note that right now, recurring events are not supported with tickets, and attempting to set up tickets on a recurrence pattern will not work. We’re working on this for the next major release, since we realize it’s in high demand, and will update this page at that point.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know! If you’ve got ideas for features or functionality that would make your life easier, share them with us…we’re always listening.

Helpful Links

Payment Gateways

Event Tickets Plus uses the payment gateways supplied by your choice of WordPress ecommerce plugin. Many of these options have a handful of free options bundled and an amazing number of additional premium options to easily integrate with everyone from Stripe to Paypal. Read More.

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