The Release Schedule

An overview of how we schedule plugin updates and how you can stay in the loop with what's coming.

The Release Process

The first thing to know about our releases is that they follow a regular schedule. Having a formal release schedule allows us to juggle the issues that fine folks like yourself report to us in the support forums with the new features we’re building and excited to get in your hands.

The result is a schedule in which there are three types of releases that ship regularly. While the specific dates of a release may vary, this is the general schedule we follow. This ensures that we are routinely working to resolve reported issues as soon as possible while keeping the ball moving on new features and allowing us to properly build, test, package and ship our releases.

Known issues are slotted into an upcoming maintenance release as we learn about them and we prioritize them at the beginning of each release cycle every other week.

How We Define Releases


Example: 4.0
A quarterly release that includes significant new features for the plugin.


Example: 4.0.1
A release every three weeks that addresses issues reported to us in the support forums.


An unscheduled release for a security issue or bug causing major breakages.

Stay in the Loop

We have no secrets and like sharing what we do! If you’d like to know about upcoming releases and what we’re currently working on, here are a few ways to stay updated.

Known Bugs

A regularly updated list of known issues we have identified as high priority and are currently working on for a maintenance release.

Feature Requests

We collect feature requests, tally their votes from the community, and provide status updates for the ones we’re building.

Our Blog

The blog is our primary place for publishing previews, warnings and notes for all our releases and timely news updates.

The Events Calendar on GitHub

The plugin repository is completely open source and is a transparent look at all the code we’re actively committing to the project.

Event Tickets on GitHub

This, too, is an open source project and you can find all the latest code commits and items we are currently working on.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Please let us know in our help desk¬†and we’d be happy to help as best we can!