Which E-Commerce Plugin is Right For You?

Our premium tickets add-on, Event Tickets Plus, runs alongside your favorite e-commerce solution to sell tickets and collect sales. Event Tickets Plus currently supports WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. If you are using Event Tickets 4.7 and above, you can also sell tickets using Tribe Commerce functionality.

Not sure which e-commerce solution to use? We’re here to help! The overviews below tell you which features, payment options, and extensions are available with each solution. Please note that we cannot guarantee compatibility between Tickets Plus and e-commerce plugin extensions.


  • Features: ticket sales, merchandise sales, variable products*, free tickets, discounts, guest checkout.
  • Payment options: The free version includes PayPal, credit card, direct transfer, check, and COD; others available via extensions.
  • Extensions: hundreds of extensions available on the WooCommerce site. Learn more about WooCommerce extensions compatibility

👋 While Event Tickets Plus does not support variable products, WooCommerce allows variations for other items on your site.

Easy Digital Downloads

  • Features: ticket sales, free tickets, discounts, guest checkout.
  • Payment options: The free version includes PayPal and Amazon by default; others available via extensions.
  • Extensions: numerous extensions are available on the Easy Digital Downloads.

Tribe Commerce

This is Event Ticket’s built-in e-commerce option, available as of version 4.7. It’s a solid option if you would prefer not to install another plugin to get e-commerce benefits for tickets.

  • Features: Basic ticket sales and guest checkout.
  • Payment options: PayPal
  • Extensions: Event Tickets Plus

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