Featured Calendar: 3rd Chalkwell Bay Sea Scouts

Featured Calendar: 3rd Chalkwell Bay Sea Scouts

Each month, we feature one of our customers using The Events Calendar products. This month, we’ve chosen to showcase the 3rd Chalkwell Bay Sea Scouts. They are one of the largest and most active Sea Scout groups in the United Kingdom, offering challenge and adventure to over 250 young people aged 6 to 25 and beyond.

They are recognized by the Royal Navy as one of the country’s top 100 Sea Scout groups and accredited by the Royal Yachting Association and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Training Centres, training young people new skills for life throughout the year.

Plus, they are part of our nonprofit program. We grant free Events Calendar Pro licenses to qualifying nonprofit organizations. Learn more about the nonprofit program here.

We learned about the 3rd Chalkwell Bay Sea Scout’s use of our products on social media. Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

Featured Calendar shoutout on social media

The homepage

Right on the homepage, you’ll find tons of information about their organization and what they do. You’ll find a link to the calendar of events in the main navigation, alongside other helpful links.

WordPress calendar example homepage

Scroll down on the homepage, and you’ll see a few different widgets created with The Events Calendar. Some widgets are free with The Events Calendar, but you’ll find even more options with Events Calendar Pro.

The Events Calendar widgets

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The main calendar page

Once you head to the main calendar page, you’ll see events displayed in Month View. You can set the default calendar view to one of many options, depending on how many events you have and how you’d like to showcase your events visually. You’ll also notice that the 3rd Chalkwell Bay Sea Scouts uses Featured Events to make certain events stand out.

The Events Calendar main calendar page

Lastly, they utilize the Subscribe to calendar feature to allow site visitors to add their calendar to any personal calendar that they have, like Outlook and Google Calendar.

The single event page

Finally, you’ll find one of the single event pages. They use the Block Editor here to add the information they want users to see. Here, you’ll find items like a featured image, description, and other necessary information to ensure users know about the event. 

Below the single event information, you’ll also find the Related Events section, which parses events from your events based on information like category and determines which ones might be related.

The Events Calendar single event page

The Events Calendar makes it easy

3rd Chalkwell Bay Sea Scouts created a successful calendar of events, and you can too! Try out our Complete Collection of products by requesting a free demo site and make all your calendaring dreams come true.