Managing Event Registrations on WordPress

You’ve organized a major event and you’d like to get a head count to estimate how many people are coming. But guests don’t have any way to respond and let you know they’re planning to attend. 

The solution? Add event registrations to your WordPress site and streamline the RSVP process so you have one less thing to worry about.

Adding event registration to your site can keep you more organized. It saves time following up and keeping tabs on attendees so you can get back to preparing for your event.

To get started, you’ll want to add an RSVP form to your events on WordPress. Luckily, the process is super simple, and you don’t need to write a single line of code to make it happen.

Below, we’ll walk through how to do it.

Install Event Tickets

With the free Event Tickets plugin, you can create RSVP forms and manage your registrations right from WordPress. You can find the Event Tickets plugin by searching for it in your WordPress Dashboard under Plugins > Add Plugin.

Once you have installed and activated Event Tickets, you can start adding registration to any custom post type.

Pro tip: You can also add registrations to a calendar of events by using Event Tickets alongside our free The Events Calendar plugin.

Configure the settings 

Next, head over to Events Settings > Tickets to make sure that you check off the post types where you’d like to use registration. Even though it says “tickets,” these settings also apply to your RSVPs and free registrations.

You can also make changes here regarding the location of the form and decide whether you’d like users to log in before creating an RSVP. You can set up Tribe Commerce from here if you’d like to sell tickets or charge a fee for your registrations.

Create your event registration

Once you’ve tailored the settings to your liking, you can begin creating a registration. To do this, head over to the custom post type where you’d like it to appear.

You can search for the RSVP block with the Gutenberg Editor. Once you find it, an RSVP form will be added to your post type of choice.

You can add a capacity limit and let users choose “Going” or “Not Going” instead of requiring a response only if they plan to attend. You can also set how long the form should display before the event.

If you expand the settings on your RSVP, you can add a header image as well. Once you click Create RSVP, your finished product will look something like this:

Manage attendees with Event Tickets

Now that people have started to respond, you can keep track of who’s coming from the Attendees screen. You can get to this page by finding your RSVP then clicking on Attendees in the top toolbar. You can also find it by clicking on the RSVP itself, which now has an Attendees option added.

Once you click on your attendees tab, you can view all of your attendees on the backend. Hovering over an attendee will bring up options to delete, edit, move, or check them in.

Enhance your registrations with even more features

Event Tickets will give you all the tools you need to add event registrations right in WordPress. By upgrading to Event Tickets Plus, you can also connect to WooCommerce, add custom fields to your registration forms, and check attendees in with a QR code on the day of your events. If you’d like to add ticket sales to your site, this is a great option to get you up and running quickly. These extra features can save you time while creating an even smoother user experience.