Featured Calendar: WordCamp US Pride Party

Featured Calendar: WordCamp US Pride Party

At The Events Calendar, we take pride in showcasing remarkable websites that leverage the power of our WordPress calendar plugin. In this customer spotlight, we’ll take a look at the WordCamp US Pride Party. Their website was created solely for the event and incorporated our Event Tickets add-on. 

Let’s take a look at how the Pride Party used The Events Calendar suite of plugins to invite people to their event, collect RSVPs, and even check attendees in at the door using the mobile ticketing app.

WCUS Pride Party

No-nonsense site with a (fun) purpose

The site‘s entire purpose was to invite anyone attending WordCamp US to the party, but with close to 2,000 WCUS attendees and a limit of 400 for the party venue, getting RSVPs and having tickets was required. 

The site design is well-thought-out, including a background of pseudo-pixelated rainbow colors, logos that link to the party sponsors, and the RSVP form right on the home page. 

Using Event Tickets

As soon as you scroll down to the registration form, you see the terms and conditions to be agreed to in order to attend the event, including respect for all attendees and consent for your likeness to be used if you appear in any photos taken at the event. There were also fields for Name, Email Address, Company, and how the attendee heard about the event.

Emails were then generated through a customized email confirmation to include not only event details but also for attendees to add the event to their calendar. 

Using Event Tickets also allowed the Pride Party committee to include a QR code with the ticket confirmation. 

Event Tickets Plus app

QR Code Check-in with the Event Tickets Plus Mobile App

The Event Tickets Plus Mobile App is available on both the Apple and Android app stores to download for free.

Different committee members signed up to staff the door and check attendees into the event. Each person at the door downloaded the app and logged in to be able to manage attendance.

Attendees approached the door, showed the QR code in the email on their phones, the staff scanned the QR code, and they were admitted to the event.

In some cases, attendees either didn’t have access to their email or didn’t find the email. In that case, the staff was able to search the RSVPs on the app and manually check in the attendee.

It made attendee management a breeze and expedited entrance to the party and fun!

RSVP for Event Tickets mobile app

Simple Site. Simple Event Management.

For the Pride Party event, a simple design and one page was all that was necessary. The team used Kadence to build the page out quickly and The Events Calendar and Event Tickets to manage RSVPs and attendee check-in.

With event management like this, catering and entertainment can be your primary focus since the rest is easy as pie.

Events made easy with The Events Calendar

With The Events Calendar suite of products, event management and ticketing have never been easier. We’ve got lots of products to help with all of your needs. Check out all of our offerings by requesting a free demo site today and see what you can do with The Events Calendar.