Featured Calendar: California Bluegrass Association

Featured Calendar

Music has a way of altering your mood in an instant, taking you to a place you want to be or transporting you to somewhere you didn’t even know existed. And with in-person events finally starting to open back up again, we can appreciate live performances even more now. But why put on a show if no one knows about it?

Well, that’s where the California Bluegrass Association calendar comes in. The California Bluegrass Association helps to foster a community centered around bluegrass, old-time, gospel, and traditional instrumental and vocal music of the United States.

They have a beautiful calendar that represents the vast music performances that they have available. You’ll also find a feature to allow users to submit events, using our Community Events plugin.

Let’s take a look at how their calendar strikes all the right notes below.

The main event 

Not to toot our own horn, but we really love how California Bluegrass Association uses our plugins on their calendar pages. On the main calendar page, you’ll find the calendar set to Month View by default. They’ve chosen to mark all of their events as Featured Events, which gives the events a blue outline and really makes them stand out. They display both one-time and recurring events, which comes with Events Calendar Pro.

Also in Month View, they’ve opted to include featured images, which you can easily customize to suit your needs.

Month View customer spotlight

They also offer List and Day views to show upcoming events from a different perspective. Displaying your events in one of these two views has the added benefit of allowing your site visitors to quickly scan events to see what’s coming up next.

List View customer spotlight

Filter Bar makes your events heard

California Bluegrass Association uses Filter Bar on their main calendar page to give the option of sorting events by event category and city. By narrowing down their vast catalog of events, users can find exactly what they are looking for.

Filter Bar customer spotlight

Singing in unison with Community Events

Another signature feature of this website is that they enlist their community in order to host many of their musical events. They prominently showcase a link to submit an event directly on their homepage.

Community Events link on homepage

You’ll also find the Submit Events link right under the Events List widget on the homepage.

Events list widget customer spotlight

The Community Events page itself includes tons of details for event organizers to add to the form, including event categories and tags, venue and organizer information, and an additional field to add an email address for the submitter.

Community Events submission form
Community Events submission form

Time for the solo

Lastly, California Bluegrass Association uses their single event page to give users all the information they need for each of their events.

Here, you’ll find a prominent featured image that includes some helpful text about the event, plus the brand new Subscribe to Calendar button so that users can easily add this event right to their personal calendars.

They use the classic event details block included with the Block Editor to display all of the pertinent information for each event.

Single event page customer spotlight

Four-part harmony with The Events Calendar

California Bluegrass Association uses the perfect combination of The Events Calendar, Events Calendar Pro, Filter Bar, and Community Events to create a WordPress site that is music to our ears. Composing a WordPress events calendar with all the features you need is easy with The Events Calendar suite of plugins at your fingertips. Check out all that we have to offer on our demo site.