Get a Sneak Peek of the Redesigned Event Tickets RSVP Form

Back in December, we launched a new look for the Event Tickets ticket form and attendee registration process. Today, we’re stoked to share a preview of our redesigned RSVP form that users see when registering for an event.

We’ve included this preview with today’s update of Event Tickets so you can test it out on your own site, particularly with your theme, plugins, and any customizations you may have. The idea is to give you a feel for the new design and a chance to see how the updates work on your own site before we officially release them. In other words, we want to get this new thing we’re excited about in your hands early and, in turn, help us improve any compatibility with themes and other plugins in advance.

A preview of the new Event Tickets RSVP Front End Layout
😍 Just look at how awesome the new RSVP form is gonna be.

👋 This is not a working version of the new RSVP form. It is a preview of the updated design and code and will not actually process event registrations.

We’re still finishing up work and hope to have everything complete in the next month. Until then, we strongly suggest using this in a safe development environment rather than on your live website and avoid making code changes to the new RSVP views since things are likely to change between now and the official release.

What’s included in the preview

This early look gives you access to several exciting new designs:

Getting started

There are two ways you can go about setting this up on your development site.

The first way is to use mockup (or “dummy”) data that we provide that will load RSVPs up in a number of different configurations you can see displayed on your site. You can enable the data and pre-built configurations by adding the following code to your wp-config.php file:


The second is to use your own RSVPs and data instead of ours. You might be more interested in this option if you’d prefer to see how things look and work with your own content. You can enable that by adding the following code to your wp-config.php file instead of the snippet above:


While previewing the latest updates, you’ll want to pay special attention to the files in the src/views/v2/rsvp/ directory of the Event Tickets plugin. These are what we use for the new views and where the code for RSVP forms is located.

That’s it! We really hope you enjoy this early look at the work we’re doing to improve the design and functionality of the RSVP forms in Event Tickets. Oh, and if you have any questions at all or feedback on updates, please reach out and let us know.