Freelance QA wanted: work with us

Modern Tribe does a LOT of WordPress projects and plugins, and we’ve got plenty on the docket for the rest of 2013. We’re looking for someone with a keen attention to detail and a mind for quality, who finds nothing greater in life than picking apart a site or plugin to find bugs / UX failings / missing functionality, to help us out with QA testing.

You are generally happy, helpful curious and accountable. You’re a quick learner and enjoy helping people. You’ve used WordPress a fair bit and in general you have appreciate good UI and a strong sense of detail. You love to solve puzzles and make products better. You try to figure out how things work or how to solve things before asking for help. That said, you have no problem asking for help and are pretty good at articulating your questions. Above all, you care about quality and making sure the products we ship are something the whole team can be proud of.

Keep in mind that, as this is a freelance position, QA work will ebb and flow depending on the current project queue. Before applying for this role, please make sure you’ve got other avenues of income to keep food on the table during the downtime.

Your Work Will Entail…

  • Testing plugins, websites and apps before they’re released to the general public.
  • Backing up the support team and helping our users in a timely and professional fashion on forums and via email.
  • Working with our developers to answer questions about bug reports and to verify fixes were implemented before release.
  • Staying in constant communication with the support team to ensure bugs are being addressed in a fashion consistent with the community’s needs & expectations.
  • Making yourself available at least once a day, as needed, to work through our list of tickets that are Pending QA.
  • Seamlessly moving between different QA projects and tasks on a daily basis as needed.

What We Look For In A QA Person

The ideal candidate will possess most, if not all, of the following traits:

  • Speak fluent English and able to do the bulk of your work (and join up to 3x week team meetings as needed) in Pacific Time.
  • Matches Modern Tribe’s company culture:
    • ** Happy
    • ** Helpful
    • ** Curious
    • ** Accountable
  • Full-time contractor (not a full-time employee who is moonlighting).
  • Ability to work & communicate with a distributed team.
  • Fast, reliable Internet connection.
  • Detail-oriented & well-organized (you like to create stability out of chaos).
  • Solid communication skills.
  • Transparent attitude & strong self-confidence.
  • Are comfortable using WordPress and can crack the hood to make small tweaks.

Bonus Points

It’s definitely a bonus if you:

  • Have WordPress code experience (you know how to use hooks and filters).
  • Have CSS and JavaScript experience.
  • Are familiar with GIT and setting up local installs of WordPress.

About Us

We’re a digital agency with a modern twist. We are a product company. We are educators. All freelancers. All experts. In today‚Äôs world, we get to be many things to many people.

We believe in making quality products for other people and ourselves, balanced by living quality lives. We are 100% distributed & our team is spread around North America (and a hint beyond).

We believe that you should be happy, helpful, curious & accountable, on top of being good at what you do. We believe life should be lived intentionally. We believe in a class of artisans and craftsman in control of their work who solve people problems rather than just build more shit. We believe in a sustainable vision of open source, and contribute consistently into the ecosystem.

Still interested? Great — we can’t wait to hear from you.

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  2. Dear Mod,

    I would love the chance to work with your company. Let me know how I can help.


    1. Thanks for your interest, John! We are indeed still looking for someone here. If you submit at (, we’ll take a look and will be in touch from there. Cheers.

  3. Hi,

    is this position still open?


    1. Hi there Ilan. We aren’t actively looking for QA folks at the moment, but we encourage anyone who may be interested in working with us to submit an application at We generally find ourselves needing to replenish or build up the team every few months.

      Thanks for your interest!

  4. Hi Rob,

    I am an SQA engineer having 2 + years in testing in Manual testing, API web services Testing and Data integrity testing.
    Worked on JIRA ticket tracker and Visual studio 2010 + test manager 2010. I am very much interested in you company. Can I help you on that. Waiting for you reply ASAP.

    Thank you,
    Hassan Saleem
    Quality Control Engineer
    Alere ACS

    1. Hey Hassan! Thanks for reaching out. While what I mentioned in my comment above to Ilan still stands, and we unfortunately aren’t actively recruiting at the moment, I would absolutely encourage you to submit your information at the link I provided. Thanks for your interest!

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