We’re growing: seeking freelancers to join our support team

As many of you are aware, the release of The Events Calendar / Events Calendar PRO 3.0 has led to a spike in support. The uptick in help requests from both new and existing customers alike — coupled with the recent departure of our support guru Jonah West — have brought us into heavy recruiting mode for a new happiness engineer.

Think you’d like to join the support team? Check out the specifics to see whether you’d be a good fit after the jump.

The Gig

With the recent release of The Events Calendar 3.0, the community using Modern Tribe’s family of free and paid WordPress plugins is growing…which means its time for the team to grow as well. We’re looking for the right person(s) to help our users achieve their goals. Are you happy, helpful, curious and accountable? Are you comfortable using and tweaking WordPress? Are you a quick learner who gets no greater satisfaction out of life than helping people? So are we, and we can’t wait to work together.

The role we’re looking to fill requires consistent interaction with our customers and with the whole team. You will help guide the products to be the best they can be for our users. You will create tools, hacks, education content and even hold people’s hands to help the community flourish. You will help run usability studies and find creative ways to break our products. You’ll provide responses over a variety of mediums (forums, email, social networks) to a wide array of questions, from the inane and inarticulatable to brilliant challenges. You’ll help with social media efforts. You will be on the front-lines, representing Modern Tribe to customers… in many ways, you are the face of the company.

You are generally happy, helpful curious and accountable. You’re a quick learner and enjoy helping people. You’ve used WordPress – and, ideally, The Events Calendar – a fair bit and in general you have appreciate good UI and a strong sense of detail. You love to solve puzzles. You try to figure out how things work or how to solve things before asking for help. That said, you have no problem asking for help and are pretty good at articulating your questions.

Day-to-day tasks include:

  • Monitoring support forums, and either answering customer questions directly or bringing in an appropriate member of the development team when you cannot.
  • Moderating our support inbox, ensuring customers and potential customers receive responses in 24-48 hours of submission.
  • Reviewing all the social media channels for relevant discussions and engaging in the conversation
  • Testing bug reports locally and logging in our projects system, with appropriate detail and testing instructions, when a bug is confirmed as legitimate.
  • Pre-release QA testing — literally, just banging on the plugins to see what you can break and logging that accordingly.
  • Create tutorials, documentation, screen casts and other forums of materials to help guide people to success.
  • Help run regular user testing sessions, gather feedback from the forums, and be the voice of the community during roadmap discussions.
  • Support product partners (other theme and plugin authors) and non-profits.


The ideal candidate will possess most, if not all, of the following traits:

  • Matches Modern Tribe’s company culture:
    • Happy
    • Helpful
    • Curious
    • Accountable
  • Full-time contractor (not a full-time employee who is moonlighting)
  • Speak fluent english and join 3x week team scrum on west coast hours
  • Fast, reliable Internet connection
  • Detail-oriented & well-organized (you like to create stability out of chaos)
  • Solid communication skills
  • Transparent attitude & strong self-confidence
  • Are comfortable using WordPress and can crack the hook to make small tweaks

Bonus Points

It’s definitely a bonus if you:
* Have WordPress code experience (you know how to use hooks and filters)
* Have familiarity with The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO or another of our plugins
* Have CSS and JavaScript experience
* Are familiar with GIT and setting up local installs of WordPress

About Us

Modern Tribe is a digital agency with a modern twist. We are a product company. We are educators. All freelancers. All experts. In today’s world, we get to be many things to many people.

We believe in making quality products for other people and ourselves, balanced by living quality lives. We are 100% distributed & our team is spread around North America (and a hint beyond).

We believe that you should be happy, helpful, curious & accountable, on top of being good at what you do. We believe life should be lived intentionally. We believe in a class of artisans and craftsman in control of their work who solve people problems rather than just build more shit. We believe in a sustainable vision of open source, and contribute consistently into the ecosystem.

Still interested? Awesome — apply here!

We’ll be in touch 🙂

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  1. Hi Rob, if you and your team ever would want to expand to have some kind of presence in Europe I would like to be in contact.

    Hans Leemans

  2. Hey Hans! Thanks for the note. We are actually a distributed network of freelancers, so we’re really all over the world. Location isn’t nearly as important to us as accountability 🙂 If you’re still interested I do encourage you to submit an application at http://tri.be/about/join-our-team/. Cheers!

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