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      Map view not showing all events

      Posted by: mmirus
      Most Recent by: Victor on 2018/03/13 at 7:12pm

      I have a weird issue with the map extension. On my page, I’m only seeing 2 upcoming events on the map, even though there are many more defined. What can I do about this? Can you help? See the link below. Each event has a venue defined with a latitude an…

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    • 3/13/18
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      RSVP only "for free"?

      Posted by: Tom Jaeger
      Most Recent by: Geoff B. on 2018/03/12 at 8:48pm

      Hi Folks i would like to create tickets via RSVP but the tickets should not be free. Where can i place the price? tom

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    • 3/12/18
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      PDF Tickets

      Posted by: Karl Edy
      Most Recent by: Cliff on 2018/02/21 at 7:42pm

      I just switched to your extension and now i face the problem, that the tickets are not attached to the email.. When the ticket is free there is no problem, but when you have to pay (doesn’t matter which gateway), the ticket is not attached.. any help? t…

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    • 2/21/18
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      PDF Tickets – temporary directory confirmation

      Posted by: Simon Curr
      Most Recent by: Brendan on 2018/01/24 at 11:57am

      Hi Just installed the new PDF ticket extension, and it throws an error when trying to view the PDF on an existing attendee. wp-content/plugins/tribe-ext-pdf-tickets/vendor/mpdf/mpdf/src/Config/../../tmp” is not writable As far as I can see this tmp fold…

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    • 1/24/18
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      New words needed in relabeler

      Posted by: pderathe
      Most Recent by: Jaime on 2018/01/23 at 9:34am

      Relabeler works fine but it could be useful to add more words like “previous” an “next” for example “next” in french could be translated by “suivant” or “prochain” with or without a final “s…

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    • 1/23/18
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      PDF tickets Extension / problems

      Posted by: Ilkka
      Most Recent by: Cliff on 2018/01/01 at 6:44pm

      Hi, I am moving to your new extension from print&view tickets extension. But i have some problems with these PDF tickets. 1. We have built a ticket template that reacts to check in. So that after check in our digital tickets receive a check in label. Beca…

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    • 1/1/18
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      Download PDF not working for logged out users, and more…

      Posted by: Dirk
      Most Recent by: Cliff on 2017/12/13 at 6:42pm

      Hi guys, When I received the e-mail from the ‘suggest a feature’ page that the PDF tickets problem was solved I literally dropped everything and installed. Although I really liked where it was heading I ran into two problems: 1. only works for log…

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    • 12/13/17
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      Eventbrite Importer

      Posted by: Sarah Correa
      Most Recent by: Victor on 2017/12/07 at 7:24am

      Hi There, We are using the Eventbrite ticket importer but the eventbrite featured event image does not import. Can you help here?

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    • 12/7/17
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      Advanced Post Manager incorrect shared Stock value

      Posted by: Nicholas
      Most Recent by: Victor on 2017/11/24 at 9:42am

      When using the Advanced Post Manager the Stock levels only appear correct for Events that do not use Tickets with shared capacity. This makes it very difficult to really know if the Stock column is displaying correct values or not. When an Event does use shar…

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    • 11/24/17
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      Dequeued Assets

      Posted by: Shelly Francis
      Most Recent by: Courtney on 2017/11/20 at 11:59am

      Hello! I have a few javascript errors when trying to view the ‘/events/community/list’ page. I have the TwentyFourteen theme activated and no plugins activated, other than Events Calendar ones – Pro, Filter bar and Community Events. I have …

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    • 11/20/17
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      Event importer stopped working

      Posted by: Shane
      Most Recent by: Patricia on 2017/11/09 at 4:09am

      We use your importer extensively on our site, and one of my guys just noticed on Nov 1st that it stopped working. The below screenshot is the message we get now – Your preview doesn’t have any records to import. Any thoughts?

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    • 11/9/17
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      Show All Events extension

      Posted by: Todd
      Most Recent by: Cliff on 2017/11/08 at 2:48pm

      I’m using the extension: “The Events Calendar Extension: Show All Month View Events” found at Is throwing the following error: Warning: call_user_func_array(…

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    • 11/8/17
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      Posted by: Michael
      Most Recent by: AndrĂ¡s on 2017/10/21 at 5:26am

      Good afternoon. I have the event ticket plus and when I go to settings, tickets, I do not see the PDF check box. I have version 4.5.6. Thank you

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    • 10/21/17
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      Relabeler not working on Community Events/Filter Bar

      Posted by: bwcweb
      Most Recent by: Jaime on 2017/10/16 at 8:26am

      Hi, I’m running Events Calendar PRO, Filter Bar, and Community Events. I installed the relabeler extension and applied my new labels. They’re working great everywhere EXCEPT the Filter Bar and Community Events pieces. Am I missing something? Was t…

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    • 10/16/17
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      Deleted Tickets Still Count Toward Totals

      Posted by: Amy
      Most Recent by: Jennifer on 2017/09/13 at 4:25pm

      Hi, I am referring to this post thread. Did this ever get fixed. I am having the same issue. Also when I export the counts it shows the attendees without the deleted tic…

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    • 9/13/17
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      Event Aggregator

      Posted by: David Christian
      Most Recent by: Nico Santos on 2017/09/07 at 9:15am

      Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /home1/braneld/public_html/ on line 152 QD59O4JR.ics

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    • 9/7/17
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      Cost field for Community Events with RSVP's

      Posted by: Luke Kenny
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/09/05 at 9:35am

      I notice there restore the cost field when Event Tickets is activated. Is it possible to also restore this field for external Community users when Community Events & Community Tickets is installed? We would like the user to be able to create an RSVP event…

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    • 9/5/17
    • Solved Closed
      Recurring Event Cleanup Tool: doesn't behave as described

      Posted by: Oliver
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/08/30 at 9:35am

      Hi, today I wanted to test the Recurring Event Cleanup Tool from your support site: When I installed it and have a look at the settings it show me the attached screen. Unfortunately this l…

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    • 8/30/17
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      Expired events causing a lot of 404s

      Posted by: brightcite
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/07/25 at 9:35am

      We are heavily using the events calendar plugin. Now events have lifetime, activate and expiration date. The problem is we are getting a lot of crawl soft 404 / hard 404 errors from google crawl as some of the events have already expired. Is there a better wa…

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    • 7/25/17
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      empty PDF when you are on Windows

      Posted by: Schilling
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/06/22 at 9:35am

      Hello, I have an other serious issue with the plugin view-print-download-pdf-tickets. When I’m on my computer (Macbook pro last version etc), it’s working great when I want to download the PDF of my tickets. But when a client is on Windows, the ti…

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    • 6/22/17
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      Welcome to the Extensions Forum!

      Posted by: Barry
      Most Recent by: Barry on 2017/05/24 at 11:13am

      Got questions or concerns about one of our extensions? You’re in the right place! Before posting, though, please read through the following guidelines: We hope you find our extensions useful, but they are entirely optional components that are not suppo…

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    • 5/24/17

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