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    Hello Jennifer,

    We have purchased the Importer Bundle at the end of January and haven’t used it since cause we couldn’t make it work on our site so we did 0 imports with it to date. Now that we have finally managed to apply it we can’t use it with facebook events. Please let us know what we can do until that is resolved? Can we swap the event aggregator plugin with community events plugin so at least we can try to incite our users to submit events until this situation with facebook is fixed. If that would be the case we will gladly purchase the event aggregator plugin. To sum it up we would like to swap the event aggregator plugin for the event aggregator plugin.

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    Hi there

    Thanks so much for reaching out!

    Facebook recently announced a range of changes ( to their APIs (the protocols we use to ‘speak’ to their servers and retrieve event information) which are having an effect on a number of our users.

    As part of this, a number of new restrictions were applied to their Events API, which is the specific protocol Event Aggregator uses in order to import events, organizers, and venues. These changes went live with little notice to providers such as ourselves. At this point, it does not seem possible to reliably import any events, even if you created and ‘own’ events on Facebook and have linked Event Aggregator to Facebook using those same credentials.

    This is frustrating for you, and for developers like us.  As Facebook continues to alter what it allows us to access, we will continue to pursue a path forward for Event Aggregator to import Facebook events.  We will continue to keep and updated as this unfolds.

    I have swapped your license for Event Aggregator to Community Events. You can find the plugin in My Account » Downloads with the license key already installed.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

    Courtney 🙂

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    Thank you Courtney for now, we’ll try to put it in action ASAP 🙂

    Best regards,


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    Hey Matina

    Thanks. Keep us posted if you have further questions. I’ll close this thread out for now.

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