Event Aggregator Status

Welcome to the Event Aggregator status page. This is where you can get up-to-date information on the current status of Event Aggregator’s service, including planned maintenance outages.

Last Update: December 15 2022

Event Aggregator’s IP address

If your imports are not working, make sure you whitelist Event Aggregator’s IP address (security plugins and firewalls)

iCalendar and ICS: up and running
Google Calendar: up and running
Meetup: up and running
Other URL / The Events Calendar: up and running
Eventbrite: intermittent connection (under repair)

Several of our customers have reported:

  • Failed imports
  • Being disconnected from Eventbrite
  • Featured images not imported

We are working with the Eventbrite team to resolve the issue

Details & Updates

It is not currently possible to import events from Facebook. To learn more about this issue and to see the latest updates, please view this page.

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