Event Aggregator Status

Welcome to the Event Aggregator status page. This is where you can get up-to-date information on the current status of Event Aggregator’s service, including planned maintenance outages.

Facebook: unavailable

Facebook updated its API and restricted access to event data.

iCalendar and ICS: operational

iCalendar and imports from ICS files are currently working as expected.

Google Calendar: operational

All is good with Google Calendar imports.

Meetup: operational

Meetup imports are functioning as expected.

Other URL / The Events Calendar: operational

Imports from other sites running The Events Calendar are working as expected.

Details & Updates

Update April 11, 2018: Facebook have rolled out additional restrictions which will prevent us from facilitating imports from regular Facebook pages, except for any events where you have indicated interest in the event.

Update April 9, 2018: We restored functionality around featured images for public events. We also clarified restrictions on single events.