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6 Quick Tips to Sell More Event Tickets

You want to sell event tickets, right? Selling more of your event tickets means more money in your pocket, and more customers interacting with your brand in real life. If you’re looking for the easy way to increase your ticket sales, we’ve got a few quick tips for you.

1. Make your event easy to find

Some people already know what they want. If you’re offering it, make sure they can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. Add our Filter Bar add-on to your site so users can quickly navigate to the types of events they’re looking for.

Nothing is worse than losing out on ticket sales because someone couldn’t find the right event!

2. Offer multiple times

If you’ve already got the resources and you can spare the time, why not offer the same event, again? This is a great way to increase your ticket sales, because you’ll capture any sales you originally lost to scheduling conflicts. Plus, hosting one event multiple times can have benefits for you as well—as they say, practice makes perfect!

3. Have an engaging event page

Make your event page awesome. This is your opportunity to really sell your event tickets. Write an event description that’s compelling and tells readers why they should attend. Use a featured image that portrays the vibe of the event well, and connects to your audience on an emotional level.

4. Have tickets ready

Your event description did the trick and you’ve got your audience eager to attend. Now what? Make sure your ticket sale is present right on your event page! Don’t lose any interested readers in site navigation. Make it easy to buy your event ticket.

5. Keep the registration short

Even the most enthusiastic attendee doesn’t want to fill out 15 fields of information to attend an event. Be critical of your registration form. Do you really need to know every piece of information you’re asking for? And even for essential fields, looks for ways to optimize—for example, why have a separate “first name” and “last name” field instead of just one “full name” field?

Remember: if your event ticket sales process is easy, more people will complete it.

6. Add a little something extra

A great way to increase ticket sales is to include a little gift or added value for your attendee. Do you have something you could offer to sweeten the deal? A small item like a free water bottle or free access to your online course will be just the thing to convince the customers who are still unsure.

These are just a few of the ways to increase ticket sales without much effort. Most of these ideas are simple tweaks you can make to your website in a few minutes, if you’ve got the right tools. Make sure both your site and your events are optimized, so you can sell as many event tickets as possible!