Maintenance Release for the Week of 4 March 2019

Hello! I’m happy to announce our latest maintenance release. We shipped bug fixes and enhancements for The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO, Filter Bar, and Eventbrite Tickets. In most cases you will be able to take advantage of automated updates, but if those are unavailable for any reason, you can download the plugins from your downloads page then update manually.

Maintenance Releases are smaller updates between major updates that are mostly comprised of bug fixes, tweaks, and small but meaningful improvements.

The Events Calendar 4.8.2

  • Fix – Resolve console warnings around React key usage for Block Editor
  • Fix – Improve our `tribe_paged` URL parameter sanitization, preventing themes from printing the variable and causing XSS security issues
  • Fix – Change ordering for Eventbrite Tickets on Event Aggregator – ascending order by date is now the default
  • Fix – Make sure we pass and get the parameter when using cron jobs to import images on Event Aggregator
  • Tweak – Daylight savings notice will now reset 4 times per year when using any UTC Timezone
  • Tweak – Start date for Event Aggregator is now required on Eventbrite Tickets
  • Language – 3 new strings added, 172 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

Events Calendar PRO 4.6.2

  • Fix – Prevent fatal happening on Events Calendar widget with SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin

Filter Bar 4.7

  • Tweak – General improvements to the plugin code in order to make it more accessible
  • Tweak – Improve accessibility by removing duplicate IDs
  • Tweak – Group checkboxes together with a common aria label
  • Tweak – Add descriptive text to anchor tags
  • Tweak – Remove empty anchor tag from checkbox markup
  • Tweak – Change Filter Sections to be tabbed and opened/closed with the keyboard
  • Tweak – Change focus states of elements that did not have them
  • Tweak – Improve the horizontal design for the bar
  • Tweak – Improve dropdown arrows positioning to put them in their correct place
  • Tweak – Make the submit button visible in order to make it accessible
  • Tweak – Add a notice on the “Enable live refresh” setting, letting people know that if they use it it will affect accessibility
  • Tweak – Improve the JavaScript for the “Filter Reset” button that had an ID change
  • Language – 4 new strings added, 34 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

Eventbrite Tickets 4.6.2

  • Fix – Saving event on WordPress will no longer overwrite the currency on Eventbrite
  • Fix – 0 new strings added, 24 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

Not Updated This Release

The following plugins have not been updated this release and will remain at the version numbers specified here:

  • Event Tickets 4.10.1
  • Event Tickets Plus 4.10.1
  • Community Events 4.6.1
  • Community Tickets 4.6.1
  • Advanced Post Manager 4.5
  • GigPress 2.3.23
  • Image Widget 4.4.7
  • Image Widget Plus 1.0.3

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