Hotfix Release: Event Tickets Plus

We just released an update to our Event Tickets Plus plugin. This is what we like to call a hotfix release because it addresses a specific issue that was reported to us and we wanted to get an official patch out to everyone before shipping any of our regularly scheduled releases.

So what was fixed in this release? It turns out that Event Tickets Plus would only allow you to create paid tickets if our other flagship plugin, The Events Calendar, was also installed and active on your site. That was an issue because we’ve created Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus to be independent of The Events Calendar so that it could be used with or without a calendar, but this bug was preventing that from happening and breaking the functionality for a number of folks using the plugins without The Events Calendar installed.

Event Tickets Plus is now available to download. If you have automatic updates enabled, then you should be seeing a notification in your WordPress dashboard soon. Otherwise, you can grab the download anytime by logging into this site with your account and navigating to the My Account > Downloads screen to download and manually install the update.

A huge hat tip to everyone who brought this up in our support forums! Your reports not only allowed us to realize the issue but to see how many people were affected by this so that we could prioritize getting a fix in your hands as soon as possible. We salute you!