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Alternative Photo View

This extension will replace the photo view that comes with Events Calendar Pro with an alternative design. It works like a template override, it makes use of custom templates for the updated calendar views.

Once activated this photo view will be the one used on the default calendar page and when using the [tribe_events view="photo"] shortcode.

Alternative Photo View uses some custom styling and overrides the following template files:

  • events-calendar-pro/src/views/v2/photo.php
  • events-calendar-pro/src/views/v2/photo/event.php
  • events-calendar-pro/src/views/v2/photo/event/date-time.php
  • events-calendar-pro/src/views/v2/photo/event/date-time/featured.php

Extension settings

The extension has a number of settings to customize the looks. You can find these under Events > Settings > Display tab > Alternative Photo View Settings and are the following.

  • Height of event container – Allows you to set a custom height for the box that holds an event on photo view.
  • Number of columns on a large screen / tablet – These two will allow you to define how many columns the events should be organized into.
  • Event title size – If you find the default font size of 24px too big, you can make it smaller here. Or bigger.
  • Event title alignment – Allows you to change the alignment of the event title.
  • Border radius – You can adjust the border radius of all 4 corners of the box that holds an event.


  • Version 1.1.0
    • October 29, 2020
    • Enhancement – Added the option to set the height of the event container
    • Enhancement – Added the options to set the number of columns on large (desktop) and medium (tablet) screens
    • Enhancement – Added the option to set the event title size
    • Enhancement – Added the option to set the event title alignment
    • Enhancement – Added the option to set the border radius of the event container
  • Version 1.0.0
    • October 28, 2020
    • Initial release

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