Featured Calendar: Inside-Out Storytelling

Featured Calendar: Inside Out Storytelling

When it’s done right, storytelling has a way of captivating its audience and painting a picture so vivid that it feels like we’re right there with the storyteller. Storytelling is also a necessary device that people use to get their message across in presentations, in front of a boardroom, or even from behind a computer screen. But effective storytelling isn’t always an easy task!

That’s where the folks at Inside-Out Storytelling come in. They strive to help people become more confident and impactful storytellers through their coaching business. And they’ve got a beautiful and effective website to boot! Inside-Out Storytelling uses The Events Calendar suite of plugins to display events, sell tickets, and promote their coaching sessions, and we can’t wait to show you how they built their WordPress site. Let’s take a look!

All the calendars

On Inside-Out Storytelling’s main calendar page, you’ll find many iterations of their calendar all in one place. This helps site visitors to explore all of the upcoming workshops using multiple views.

Inside-Out Storytelling main calendar page

Here, they’ve embellished Photo View, one of the premium views available with Events Calendar Pro. Our plugins are easily customizable and you too can style Photo View to your liking.

Next up on that page is the calendar in Month View. Again, Inside-Out Storytelling went all out by personalizing the calendar to make their events really pop.

Month View calendar

Lastly, on the calendar page, they’ve included a custom List View with a sliding date feature, ticketing information, and an indicator to list which online platform is hosting the event.

Inside-Out Storytelling List View

The single event page

On each of the single event pages, you’ll find all of the information you need to know about Inside-Out Storytelling’s upcoming event. All of their events are currently virtual, so they list the platform where the event will be streamed, along with other pertinent details about the workshop.

Inside-Out Storytelling single event page

Also on this page, they’ve added RSVP and ticketing options, with the help of Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus.​​ They utilize features like requiring users to log in before RSVPing and multiple ticket types.

RSVP and tickets with Event Tickets Plus

In addition, they’ve integrated our plugins with a WooCommerce membership plugin to create various membership levels for purchase. In fact, that’s one of the founder’s favorite things about our plugins. 

“We really like the way it displays and the ability to make ticket levels visible based on membership levels in Woocommerce.”

Membership options

Promote, promote, promote

It’s truly great how Inside-Out Storytelling lists their events in different ways throughout their website. This allows users to stay on top of what workshops they have coming up so they can purchase membership levels, tickets, and RSVPs. 

They kick things up a notch by also using our email marketing system, Promoter. Promoter keeps them in touch with their members before, during, and after their sessions and workshops. This helps to create repeat customers and attendees that keep coming back for more. 

Interested in learning more? Don’t forget to check out our full suite of plugins in action on our demo site. Better yet, request a demo so that you can try things out for yourself.