Kiss One More Plugin Fee Goodbye

Ticket sellers have a new reason to celebrate.

Back in February, WooCommerce announced that their Stripe Payment Gateway was transitioning from a paid WooCommerce extension to a free add-on. Previously priced at $79 for a single license, you can now get the add-on for $0 (no matter how many sites you want to install it on) directly from the repository.

Good News for Event Tickets Plus Users

That’s good news for our Event Tickets Plus customers. Event Tickets Plus works with WooCommerce (as well as other major eCommerce platforms) to help you sell tickets to your events by utilizing great features like payment gateways and coupons. By keeping the event registration process on your site instead of sending users to a 3rd party ticket seller, you retain full control of the ticket purchase experience.

The Stripe plugin extends WooCommerce, providing a way for you to accept payments online for your events. Stripe allows you to accept a variety of payment methods on your WordPress site, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club cards, and even Bitcoin. When paired with Event Tickets Plus, you’re able to power ticket sales on individual posts, pages, and event listings.

Extra Excitement for Global Users

Stripe has been steadily expanding its services beyond the US and Europe. While it still has a way to go before it can be called a truly global option for accepting payments, that’s a goal under active development. In fact, they have several beta tests running for businesses across the globe.

Open Stripe Betas

Private Stripe Betas

  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Portugal
  • Hong Kong
  • Switzerland

If you’re based in one of the countries where a private Stripe beta is happening and you’d like to join their test, you can contact Stripe to request an invite.

Upgrading to Event Tickets Plus

If you’re already using our free Event Tickets RSVP plugin and want to start selling tickets using Stripe and WooCommerce on your site, it’s easy to upgrade to Event Tickets Plus. Once you’ve purchased Event Tickets Plus, we’ll walk you through installation and set up step-by-step in our New User Primer. If you have more specific questions, we’ve got you covered with an extensive knowledgebase of tutorials or you can hit us up directly in our pre-sales forum.