Retiring Our Legacy Ticket Plugins

With our 4.0 release last week, we introduced two new plugins: Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus.

These plugins usher in a new, improved era for the way we handle event ticketing. As a result, our legacy ticket plugins are being retired.

What does this mean for you? We’re so glad you asked!

Retiring Our Legacy Ticket Plugins

Four of our existing Ticket plugins are being retired:

With each of these plugins, you were able to extend the functionality of The Events Calendar by adding an eCommerce component to sell tickets on your WordPress site.

Never fear, however – we’re not eliminating the functionality these ticketing plugins provided. Instead, we’re combining them into a single solution and adding additional features.

Replacing Our Legacy Ticket Plugins With a Better Solution

Previously, we had four separate plugins that pretty much did the same thing, but were specific to their respective eCommerce provider. That means if you changed your preferred eCommerce solution for your website, you’d have to change plugins with us. Kinda a pain, right?

We thought so, too. So we created a new solution that gives users the flexibility to choose their favorite eCommerce provider without being locked into using that provider exclusively with our ticketing systems.

Additionally, we separated out the ticketing code from core so it could be used in other places besides calendar events.

Transitioning to Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus

Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus are the new solutions for your event ticketing needs. Event Tickets is the baseline product that allows you to add RSVP and basic ticketing functionality for free events. It can operate independently of The Events Calendar to add RSVP to posts and pages, or alongside The Events Calendar to add RSVP directly to your event listings.

Event Tickets Plus is a premium upgrade to Event Tickets, and that’s where our eCommerce integration now lives. Instead of being locked into one eCommerce provider, with Event Tickets Plus, you have the flexibility to choose between all four we mentioned above and switch mid-license period if need be. You also have the option to use it beyond The Events Calendar to add ticketing functionality to posts or pages on your site.

You know we wouldn’t start retiring a product without hooking you up, so all existing license holders for WooCommerce Tickets, Shopp Tickets, WP eCommerce Tickets, and EDD Tickets as of December 2, 2015 have already been granted a license for Event Tickets Plus. If you purchased after this date, just let us know. We’ll still hook you up.

Moving Forward

We’ll continue providing support for the legacy ticketing plugins for the duration of your license, but we won’t be providing updates. So you’ll want to move over to Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus sooner rather later so you can take advantage of the new features we’re rolling out (like the very popularly requested QR codes).

Ready to make the switch now? Follow our step-by-step instructions to for transitioning to Event Tickets Plus.

Not quite ready? That’s cool, too. Just be aware that when renewal time comes around, you’ll have to renew using Event Tickets Plus since our legacy plugins will no longer be available as a renewal option.