Meetup API changes recently announced changes to their API that will impact anyone importing Meetup data. To make sure that you can continue importing events, we’ve updated Event Aggregator to work with Meetup’s new system.

Previously, Event Aggregator users connected to via an API key. With the new system, that connection is made through OAuth 2. Happily, linking your WordPress site to will be just as easy as it was before- the difference is all behind the scenes.

To continue importing Meetup events with Event Aggregator, you’ll need to update to the latest version of The Events Calendar (4.9.6). Once you’ve got the new version you’ll be able to re-establish your connection to your Meetup account from Events –> Settings –> APIs or from the EA Import screen.

On August 15, will no longer support connections through the old API keys. Between now and then they should continue to work, but our testing shows that those imports are extremely slow. After August 15, sites connected through the API key will no longer be able to import from Meetup through manual or scheduled imports. The best plan for your site is to update to the new version of TEC and re-connect to as soon as possible.

Happy importing!