Events Calendar PRO 3.0 Preview Video Roundup

I hope you’ve been enjoying my The Events Calendar/Events Calendar PRO 3.0 preview posts. If you haven’t checked out our 3.0 preview page or the preview videos so far, they’re listed below and should give you a nice feel of what to expect in terms of new views and settings:

I. Week View (April 1, 2013)

II. Map View (April 2, 2013)

III. Photo View (April 4, 2013)

IV. List, Calendar & Day Views (April 8, 2013)

V. Updated “General” Settings tab (April 11, 2013)

Part I

Part II

VI. Other Settings tabs (April 15, 2013)

Part I

Part II

VII. The “Filters” Panel add-on (April 16, 2013)

If there are any features or pages you’d like to see demoed, please let me know via email or in the comments below. I’ll continue adding to this list as we continue to publish previews between now and the 3.0 launch. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Is there going to be an addon for community events at launch?

    1. Hey Jeff: we are releasing an update to Community alongside 3.0. It’ll be fairly minor but will incorporate a handful of bug fixes. Let me know if you’ve got other questions here!

  2. We have been using the plugin for quite some time now and are really looking forward to 3.0, it covers quite a few of the things we hoped it would so can’t wait to try it!

    1. That’s awesome to hear, David — and we’re glad to see that the new release is in line with some of the features you’d been hoping for. That’s always the goal! Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts once you’ve had a chance to play around with it.

  3. Will people that purchased 2.0 in the last year be included in this update or is it a separate purchase?

    1. Hey Mike. Anyone who has an active license will get the update for free. You’ll only face the new pricing structure if buy or renew after it has kicked in come June.

      Hope that helps. Let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll adjust my response accordingly.

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  5. Thanks, Ray, these videos are really helpful.

    I’m launching two new WP sites in June, both of which will be very event-heavy. When do you anticipate release of 3.0 so that I can begin developing with it? Will it be out in time?

    1. Norine: thanks for the note. It’s a matter of weeks at this point and I suspect it’ll be out by mid-June. Don’t quote me on that, but I’d be happy to hook you up with the 3.0 beta so you could at least begin developing. We mainly don’t want people applying it to live sites or asking us for support on it. But if you’re game to go it alone and rely on what existing inline documentation exists, its all yours. Shoot us an email (pro a/ if so, referencing this article. Thanks!

      1. Thanks, Rob. Will do. Really excited about the new version.

        (And my sincere apologies for calling you Ray instead of Rob.)

      2. Not a problem at all, Norine! I’ve seen far worse misattributions to my name over the years here 🙂 Thanks again and let me know what else we can do.

  6. Just bought the pro version, so looking forward to this update. Love these videos too. Nice work!

    1. That is awesome to hear, Orgspring — thank you. For both your comment here, your purchase and the words on Twitter. Glad to hear you enjoyed the videos. Stoked to hear your feedback on 3.0 once you apply the update.

  7. So I am super excited for the 3.0 release 🙂 I use the calendar on several clients sites. I have one client in particular who would like to to import his Google/Gmail calendar into Event Calendar Pro – I’ve searched around a bit and only see that this has been a back-burner issue. Whats the chances of importing events from the google calendar into the Events Pro calendar with the 3.0 release?? Or having the two calendars sync automatically? Wow thats a tall order 🙂

    Thanks Tribe – you all do great work 🙂


    1. Hey MJ. Thanks so much for your nice note here, and for checking out the preview videos. Glad to hear you’re excited for 3.0 — it’s this type of feedback that makes us increasingly eager to get the release out the door!

      The feature you’re requesting here — import from Google Calendar INTO Events Calendar PRO – comes up a lot. We unfortunately don’t have a solution along these lines yet. You can export from your WordPress site to Google Calendar, but not the other way around. We do have a CSV-based importer we’re working on for 3.0 and while it won’t ship with the initial release, the plan is to ultimately integrate it at some point down the road. If you have a way of getting your Google Calendar events into CSV format, that might be the best solution.

      I’d also encourage you to note the sync functionalities that would best serve your needs at our UserVoice page ( The future dev cycle is largely being driven by whats most popular/actively requested there and so it’d be a good place to share ideas or vote up others that may already be posted.

      Hope that helps. If you have additional questions please do let me know. Thanks again for your support.

      1. Hey Rob,

        Any word on the CSV import to Events Calendar PRO 3.1?


      2. Hey there pvamu! We actually just made an announcement on this front a couple days ago 🙂 Check it out: Expect something very soon…

  8. Any Chance of getting the Beta of the 3.0 so i can play around with the new stuff and start working on adjusting template etc.. 🙂

    1. Hey Thor – thanks for the note. While the beta is technically over (since we’re already in code freeze), I’d be happy to send it your way. Please just confirm that you’re cool with the fact that we can’t provide any support on this beta code and probably won’t be able to do much in terms of answering questions about it.

      But: if you’re game to “go it alone” for evaluation purposes, you’re welcome to it. Just shoot an email to pro /a/ referencing this comment and I’ll get you what you need. Cheers!

  9. I am very much looking forward to the 3.0 version!
    Great videos explaining what to expect.

    1. Thanks for checking out the preview, bodin, and for your words on the videos. Glad you liked them — we’ll also be doing new videos for all the New User Primers, so make sure to check those out once they’re live too!

      Looking forward to hearing your feedback on 3.0 once you’ve jumped into it. If you need anything else, please just ask.

  10. greetings
    i am going to change the plugin in my site, form an other calendar plugin to your plugin but i must start work in the new, upcoming version, 3 and NOT in the present version 2, because of the new feutures and the big changes.

    can you provide me with the latest beta of the version 3, to start working with this?
    i will be greatful!

    my site is a very popular site in greece and i want to buy the pro version, i it cover my needs.
    please, accept my request and let me use the new version.

    thank you for your time and for your support

    1. Hi prokopis! Thanks for your note, and interest. I can totally understand your position and would be happy to give you the beta — so long as you understand that I can’t provide any support or answer any technical questions on it at the moment. If that’s OK with you, though, please shoot an email to pro /a/ referencing this comment and I’ll get you what’s needed. Cheers.

      1. thank you for your answer and for accepting!

        yes, i have understand that you can NOT provide any support for the beta. It is clear to me.
        the only think i need to know is if i can update in newer betas and in the final version. only this.

        so, thank you and please, send me send me the beta. (you can show my email as an admin), i have post it to you

      2. If it was you whom I just received an email from, the beta should be in your inbox 🙂 Let me know if not.

  11. Will 3.0 have shortcodes? I need to place the calendar in the sidebar and on the home page. I cant use 2.0 because of this… but I like what I see with 3.0 and need it yesterday!!! I asked for a beta and got turned down…

    1. Hey Batsirai. Thanks for your note here, and apologies that we had to cut off the beta. I’m interested in hearing more about your goal with a shortcode: for the sidebar, for example, could that not be accomplished using just the events calendar widget that comes with the PRO release? Or am I misunderstanding your goal here?

      The plugin will not include shortcodes since that’d require a fairly substantial overhaul; but between the widgets and the template tags, it *should* be able to accomplish your intended end goal. Let me know your plans though — and I can relay those to the team so we can see if there’s anything more flexible we could integrate.

  12. It would be great if, when you hover over the events that you could see if the event was sold out or not. Even better would be to see if it was sold out on the calendar. So basically tickets quantity available is zero. I am thinking of using wootickets and that is the only thing holding me back.

    1. That’s a really solid idea, Marni — we hadn’t considered it until now but that does seem like a logical next step in terms of the Events 3.0 / WooTickets 2.0 integration. I could see a number of ways to do it effectively + gracefully.

      I should set expectations that this isn’t something we’ll be able to add in the initial 3.0 release, but I have logged it with the team and made a case for it in our central ticketing system (since I too see the value). It’s also worth noting that we do put a lot of stock in what community demands are, and use our central UserVoice page ( to see what is most requested. To that end you may want to post this there so other members of the community who also see value can vote it up.

      Hope that helps! If you need anything else or have other questions, let me know. Thanks again for the support and your suggestion.

  13. Great product. I’m sure you’ve been asked before, but is there any way to make the monthly-grid view responsive?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Alex. Thanks for your note, and for the words. At this point, unfortunately, no. But we’re actively working on a responsive view now that should be released in the coming months. May even have a beta for it if we see value in that when the time is right. But this is definitely on the radar.

      Thanks for your patience as we work to finalize it, and please let me know if you have other questions I can answer.

  14. Is there an online demo of the pro version? I’d really like to se some of the new features in action. Specifically the filters bar add-on.

    1. Hey Wes. Thanks for the note here; we do have a demo site at It is indeed running The Events Calendar/Events Calendar PRO, but it doesn’t actually have the Filter Bar installed. That plugin is still in the works and while we expect to release it over the next month or two, we don’t yet have a public demo.

      That said: we are looking to do a beta real soon here, and I’m currently accepting names of folks to build out a list of participants. If you’re interested in that, email pro /a/ with a reference to this comment and I’ll get you on said list. Cheers!

      1. Hi, Is there a way I can try the filter add on? I’m currently using All-in-one calendar by, and i’m definitely considering this.

      2. Shima: thanks for the note. Good timing; we’re actually just about to go into a fresh beta for the filters add-on, sometime over the next couple weeks. If you’re interested in participating — and you are more than welcome to — please email pro /a/ Make sure to reference this comment and we’ll get you on the list. Thanks again for your interest!

  15. Very much looking forward to playing with this new release, thank you. One of the biggest complaints we’ve had so far is the lack of dates printed on tickets. Has this been resolved as well?

    1. Hey Kandace! Good news: we changed the tickets away from the PDF type with the new release, and they now contain both date + time. Hope that helps. Let me know if I can answer any other questions 🙂

  16. After creating a recurring event, can I edit or add details specific to just one of the events in the sequence? For example we have a lunch class every Saturday at the same time. But each class is taught by a difference chef and will have a different menu. I’d like to add the lunch class as a recurring event but edit the details of each for the specific chef and menu.


    1. Hey there Jane. Thanks for reaching out. This is a good question…basically, you can modify individual instances of a recurrence pattern, but doing so is going to break that instance out of the broader recurrence pattern.

      That is to say:

      I have an event that recurs daily for a week (7 instances total). They are all identical in terms of title, description, etc.

      If I edit the 4th of those 7 instances, and change the description, I’ll be prompted to either apply that change JUST to this event, or to the entire series.

      If I apply to just the event (as you’d want to do in the situation outlined here), the event will be saved but will no longer be part of the recurrence pattern. That is to say, you’d instead have a standalone event + a recurrence pattern that included 6 entries.

      We are looking to make this more flexible in the future, but at the moment that’s our limitation. Hope this helps (I realize it’s kind of a confusing process to read through) and please let me know if you have other questions here.

  17. If I’m importing the Events Calendar Pro to my personal Google calendar, how can I get it to update automatically if I add/edit an event through Events Calendar? Right now, I’m seeing events that I’ve created in the past, but if I add a new one, it doesn’t update in Google.

    1. Hey PJ! Thanks for the follow-up here, and apologies for the inconvenience you’ve faced so far. This is unfortunately a limitation of the current behavior: it’s not a true Google Calendar sync, so much as it allows you to export a snapshot of the events at a given time to Google Calendar (if anything changed after that, a new export would be required). That may change in an upcoming iteration of the plugin but it is sadly the reality at this time.

      Hope that helps and sorry I couldn’t offer more! Please do let us know if you have other questions or need anything else.

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