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Events Calendar Pro 2.0 Dev has Kicked Off!

I am extremely excited to announce that Events Calendar Pro 2.0 development is officially underway. Our first item of focus is reoccurring events. Once that is finished, we will take a look at the other features and decide where to focus our remaining energy. We should be ready for a private alpha in a couple months.

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  1. Facebook event integration would be fantastic.

    1. Totally, it is high on the list and I sure hope we get to it.

  2. Very glad to hear this! Looking forward to the new features. I mentioned this in the support forum already; would love to have the option for the RSS feed for events not show the date on which they were created (it makes it seem like the creation date is the date of the event.) I have a feeling that might be kind of complicated – to have the RSS feed be basically the same as the event list option. But maybe not?

  3. It would be great if we could have the calendar on fix page of choosing.

    1. If you are requesting a short code approach, that probably isn’t going to happen. The whole system has been architected using rewrite rules.

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  5. Here’s another vote for Facebook integration!

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