Achievement Unlocked: Celebrating 2 Million Downloads of The Events Calendar

Our flagship product, The Events Calendar, has officially reached 2 million downloads!

When we first added The Events Calendar to the repo 6 years ago, we knew we were onto something big. Within the first few months, our plugin had already been downloaded 25,000 times.  The demand for events calendar functionality within WordPress sites has continued to grow over the years, and we’ve scaled right along with it, maintaining consistently high quality standards along the way.

As it stands right now, there are over 200,000 active installs of The Events Calendar, with more being added each day. An impressive 90% of reviewers have rated the plugin 4 stars or higher, with more than 700 perfect 5-star ratings. We want to thank everyone for those endorsements, so make sure to scroll down for one of our rare coupon codes.

A Modern Tribe Milestone

Milestones are important measurements for many companies, and Modern Tribe is no exception. Milestones give us the opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of our team members and highlight their contributions leading up to the moment. They also help us appreciate the course we’ve taken to get where we are, view our current position through a new lens, and chart our forward trajectory into the rapidly approaching future.

With that said, the 2 million downloads milestone for The Events Calendar is more than just a notch in our belt. It’s proof that our daily grind pays off. Offering a free plugin is one thing, but providing support, adding new features, and keeping up with UI & code updates takes dedication. Along with The Events Calendar, we have 9 other free plugins available in the repo, plus another 10 or so premium plugins that make up the core of our products business. Getting to 2 million downloads is awesome, but getting there with a reputation of building products that work out of the box, are secure, easy to customize, regularly updated, and have good support behind them is really at the core of what we do each and every day.

Sending 2 Million Thanks

That brings us to you and the other 2 million+ people we want to thank for helping us make this happen. The Events Calendar wouldn’t be as popular as it is today with the support of the WordPress community, which includes:

And, of course, all of the 2 million+ users that have downloaded The Events Calendar plugin. We know there are other choices for WordPress calendars out there, and we wholeheartedly appreciate that you consistently choose us over anyone else.

Thank you for your support. 

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Save 20% on Pro + More

It wouldn’t be a party without a little hospitality, right? Since we can’t serve drinks through the screen (yet), we’ll have to settle for providing a sweet discount on our products instead.

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