No Coupon Code Needed: Introducing Events Calendar Bundles

We often get asked for a coupon code or discount promo from users that want to buy a whole cart full of our plugins at once. Instead of trying to manage individual coupon codes, we found another way to hook you up with some sweet discounts for Events Calendar PRO and our other premium plugins.

Events Calendar Bundles

Save up to 39% with our new bundles designed to help you get all the plugins you want in one discounted purchase. Based on user requests, we’ve created 3 different bundles to meet your calendar needs.

Importer Bundle – Import all the things!

Our Importer Bundle is designed for users that want to fill up their calendar quickly & easily with events already published across the web. This bundle includes Events Calendar PRO, iCal Importer, Facebook Events, and Filter Bar, all packaged up and ready to go.

What does bundling these plugins mean for you? Besides snagging yourself a huge discount, you also get everything you need to pull events into your calendar from other websites ad hoc or on a regular schedule.

Community Manager Bundle – Empower & Engage

Does your website serve as a community hub for your visitors? Then our Community Manager Bundle is for you. It includes Community Events, Community Tickets, Event Tickets Plus, and Filter Bar for the perfect blend of crowd-sourcing, RSVP, ticketing, and search functionality.

Clubs, teams, schools, churches, and libraries are all examples of organizations leveraging the power of this bundle to engage their communities. Businesses are starting to jump in on this bundle, too – along with empowering users to add front-end event submissions to their calendar, they’re also using Community Tickets to add additional revenue streams to their WordPress site.

Ultimate Bundle – Get It All

Our aptly name Ultimate Bundle turns it up to 11 by including all of our premium plugins in one bundle that’s nearly bursting at the seams with advanced features and functionality. The Ultimate Bundle includes Events Calendar PRO, Event Tickets Plus, Filter Bar, iCal Importer, Community Events, Community Tickets, Facebook Events, and Eventbrite Tickets.

No Coupon Code Needed

You don’t need any special coupon codes to save with our bundles. When you choose any of the bundles featured above, the individual plugins will be added to your shopping cart and the bundle discount will be automatically applied.

Looking for the ultimate value for your clients? In addition to our standard personal, business, and agency licenses, we also offer multi-site and unlimited licenses for all of our bundles. Check out our new Bundles page for more info.