The Team

A project of this magnitude doesn't happen without an amazing team. We're proud to have some of the finest designers, developers, QA, and support crew out there. Interested in joining?

Victor Zarranz

  • Quality Assurance

Victor is our non-pizza-loving Argentinian. OK, well, he likes pizza but we need something that distinguishes him from Nico since they are both masters of support, advocating for customers and making The Events Calendar a better experience for everyone.

Sarah Muñoz

  • Community Support

Sarah is a Salvadoran, living in Honduras and travels between both countries every now and then. She discovered she loves working remotely when she created a game schedule for the kids in her neighborhood when she was about 10 - all kids always knew what they were going to play during the week. Was she the game department support? Sort of. When she is not working, you will find her hanging out with her daughter or working on a DIY project or both.

Nicole Ramsey

  • Quality Assurance

It took a brutal bidding war with Orkin to bring Nicole on the team, but the payoff has been incredible. Her keen attention to detail leaves no room for nasty bugs and only fuels her passion to eradicate them with each and every release.

David Hickox

  • Designer

David is an instrument wielding powerhouse within the Products team and has an keen eye for branding, content, and strategy. David's beard is a masterful web designer. Combined, the fantastic duo makes sure our crazy ideas are clear, usable, and look super pretty.

Leopoldo Scanavino

  • Project Manager

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When he’s not trying to find some new way to keep his team happy or running sprints efficiently, he’s probably finding some new recipe to cook, some new beer to brew, some new song to play or some new place to travel.

Sydney Tucker

  • Quality Assurance

Although QA is Agent Tucker's cover occupation while in the field, she does a damn good job of finding bugs. She uses her southern charm to sweetly break the news to developers that their stuff is still broken...all the while transmitting secret messages via walkie talkie and morse code. Squirt-gun wielding children tremble in her presence.

LaToya Murray

  • Quality Assurance

She’s awesome. She told us so, but we’ve also seen how well she takes care of our products' quality.

Juan Francisco Aldasoro

  • Frontend Developer

Juan isn’t just another Juan of our Grade-A Argentinian based team members - oh no. Juan squashes bugs and commits code like no other, and when he’s not helping to organize or speak at WordCamp Buenos Aires, he’s either enjoying the very best food that Argentina has to offer or traveling the world.

Stephen Page

  • Frontend Developer

Stephen has lots of chickens and ducks. They lay eggs and he eats the eggs. The system is marvelous. As luck would have it, there's an added bonus: he also allows the ducks (not the chickens, that'd be stupid) to code for him while he tools around on a motorcycle he named "Ghazat, Champion of the Road."

Leah Koerper

  • Lead Product Strategist

Leah loves gifs. More cats and more sparkles means more better. Fastest Googler in the Western Hemisphere.

Kori Ashton

  • Customer Experience Principal

Kori enjoys long walks to the taco truck and drinking southern sweet tea. She is a 6th generation Texan with 2 sons and 2 weenie dogs. On her days off you will find her driving her Jeep or having water gun fights with anything that moves. You can find her each Wednesday over on her YouTube channel providing free tutorials to the WordPress community.

Nik Rosales

  • Community Support

Nik is from San Antonio, Texas (Remember the Alamo?). Photography, biking & coding are his three passions, but not necessarily in that order. When he is not taking photos, he’ll be on his bike or coding, hopefully not doing both at the same time.

Matthew Batchelder

  • Head of Engineering

Matt is a full stack developer and children's book illustrator who wishes to engineer the perfect mammal using a zebra, a narwhal, and a platypus. With code. Somehow. We just smile and nod.

Luca Allievi

  • UI Developer

Amateur stargazer, reckless wanderer, post-rock follower and wine lover. Luca feeds on books and carbonara, likes to mingle with other rugby fans and has an insatiable thirst for adventure.

Scott Kingsley Clark

  • Backend Developer

Scott is no stranger to dev. He knows the rules and so do we. A full commitment is what we're thinking of. We wouldn't get this from any other guy. He's never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

Jackie Menth

  • Designer

Jackie is a Designer. Jackie is a photographer. Jackie is awesome at both, because of her keen eye for color, patterns and fonts. That’s why she is our type and we love that she works for us.

Rafsun Chowdhury

  • Community Support

Rafsun is a WordPress Code Wrangler who works in a dark room long away from here. He loves to help out customers by solving their problems using Game Theory. You saw it right: as a gamer, he uses his gaming strategies to win against bugs and tickets.

Jeff Serani

  • Strategist

We spotted Jeff at a convention for making decorative ornaments out of macaroni noodles and glitter and were super impressed with his fine attention to detail, which he now applies to strategy.

Patricia Hillebrandt

  • Backend Developer

Located in Brazil, Patricia is our resident Ubuntu nerd. Ubuntu, she says, is the key to future world peace and harmony. The rest of the team disagrees. When she’s not helping customers she can be found building bots, automating workflows and playing the piano.

Shane Pearlman

  • Partner

Shane often speaks of the future in the present tense. It is confusing until you get to know him, but probably why we picked him to be our CEO. He's good at hugs, values living intentionally and is rarely found sitting still. He surrounds himself with smart, hat wearing people.

Jeremy Marchandeau

  • Community Support

France is home for Jeremy, and like any good Frenchman he loves top quality wine, cheese and WordPress plugins. Jeremy offers quality support to all of our users and is dedicated to spreading happiness throughout our community by leaning on his real life Kung-Fu discipline to block against aggressive bugs and provide fast-as-lightning support.

Deblyn Prado

  • Community Support

Deblyn started to dig into HTML because of a friendly challenge from his colleagues. He decided to learn more and more, falling in love with the results that appeared on a browser after a refresh. After a few years he discovered other passions like coffee and travel. These days, Deblyn does his best to put it all together in addition to helping the WordPress community in different ways.

Crisoforo Hernandez

  • Backend Developer

Crisoforo was purchased from FC Barcelona in a rare WP developer transfer window that was in Modern Tribe’s favor. Since his debut for The Events Calendar team he has scored on multiple levels, both on the pitch at our team retreat, and off the pitch as a bug squashing machine

Mike Cotton

  • Community Support

Romance novels, weight-lifting, interior design and collections of dress shoes. These are just a few things that do NOT describe Mike. You will usually find him coding, playing music, singing, doing off-the-cuff improv comedy or spending time with his wife and 4 kids. He's a native Texan, born and raised, and is a Houston sports nut. He's happy to be a small part of the team.

Matt Conroy-Randall

  • Design Principal

Who's Matt? He's our favorite GIF-makin', yogurt-gobbling designer with a an eye for saucy aesthetics and fine (read: nitpicky) perfection.

Damon Cook

  • Frontend Developer

Damon is a frontend developer that likes to sneak in to the backend, make improvements, and only take credit when they work. He too is not a fan of clever bios. He takes pride in observing the mundane and once was in a rock band. Two kids, two cats, one partner and zero grievances with helping those in need.

Ali Darwich

  • Community Support

Ali is a Mechatronics Engineer that found her passion towards internet development during college. She has been working on WordPress for 8 years, but her favourite thing to do is to help translating and localising it! When she is not at home in Mexico spending time with her two adopted Labrador pups, you can probably find her lost in alleys in Tokyo taking photos of cute, vintage storefronts. She's also a professional eater and an avid movie-goer currently obsessing over the MCU.

Chika Ibeneme

  • Community Support

Chika is a Third Culture Kid who loves Web Development, Dogs, and Anime. He also likes the "Aha!" moments after figuring out solutions to life's hardest questions like "Pineapple on pizza or nah?" never know what question is around the corner.

Wolf Bishop

  • Community Support

Wolf is one of those crazy off-grid types that likes to be prepared for any scenario! He lives deep in the woods with his wife and 3 kids. When he’s not foraging off the land, air rifle hunting, or preparing for the zombie apocalypse, he is helping WordPress users of all kinds maximize their businesses with powerful WordPress & Divi websites.

Geoff Graham

  • Copywriter

Blond hair. Blue eyes. Knockout. WordPress fanboy. Gangsta rap aficionado.

Jaime Marchwinski

  • Community Support

Jaime is an NYC-based member of our team who loves keeping customers happy almost as much as she loves cooking. Either way, she’s always excited about the end result. When she’s not at home glued to her computer, you can find her doing yoga or making paleo chocolate chip cookies with her daughter.

Geoff Belanger

  • Strategist

Geoff B., a Quebecois gentleman, brings great panache to our team. He and Geoff G. are putting together a cage match to determine who will be The One True Geoff. Until then, Geoff B. enjoys making music, and becoming a gamification ninja.

Neill McShea

  • Project Manager

We found Neill sleeping under an apple tree using the book Learn PHP The Hard Way as a pillow. We knew right then he was the guy to rally our team to a new level of productivity and efficiency.

Jennifer Theodore

  • Community Support

If Jennifer is not traveling the world or attending heavy metal shows, she is putting her scientific research skills to good use - putting any bugs she finds under the microscope and figuring out awesome solutions to keep our customers happy!

Jenny Maue

  • Project Manager

Jenny is Minnesota nice and will captain the project ship to its destination, but she wants to set the record straight on a few things: (1) Duck, Duck, Gray Duck (not goose!) is the correct name of the game in the land of 10,000 lakes! (2) You might call it a casserole, but in the upper Midwest it’s a hotdish! (3) It’s not soda or Coke….it’s pop!

Reid Peifer

  • Partner

When the rest of the team is not blowing up his Slack account with questions about design, branding, marketing, strategy and general tips for being awesome, Reid can be found working on his smiling exercises in front of any given mirror. Oh, and he wears hats.

Darren Cronian

  • Quality Assurance

Darren loves football (not the American one), creating videos on YouTube and eating pizza. When he isn’t exploring and sharing his lunch on social media, he’s searching for bugs into the evening...

Lauren Sternecky

  • Content Specialist

Lauren is a Milwaukee-based writer who splits her time between content marketing, journalism and essay writing. She's not really into clever bios, but she is willing to disclose that she keeps a framed image of Stevie Nicks above her desk for inspiration.

Chris Swenson

  • Community Support

Chris has an IT and Development background, but his nerdom doesn't end there. He's passionate about Tolkien, Harry Potter, video games -- pretty much everything that doesn't involve real life. Oh, and he thinks wool socks are just splendid.

Brendan Skousen

  • Community Support

Brendan likes to hurtle down steep slopes at breakneck speed on his mountain bike, and the rest of his time he likes to hurtle through the helpdesk queue at breakneck speeds to help keep our customers happy. He rarely uses his brakes.

Peter Chester

  • Partner

Peter is real smart. He wears hats.

Brian Jessee

  • Backend Developer

Brian has more hits on the plugin repos than Rod Carew, but that doesn't stop him from bringing his mad skills to the development team -- that is, when not surfing at Assateague.

Rachel Martin Austin

  • Designer

Rachel is a freelance expat currently residing in Berlin, but honestly can’t stay put for more than a month. Originally from sunny California, she enjoys posting up on various beaches with her laptop bouncing between various clients and personal projects. She found her permanent home here at Modern Tribe devoting her expertise in product design and marketing.

Paul Kim

  • Development Principal

We found Paul backpacking the mountains of China wearing a hoodie and slacks. 95% of the way to being a developer, we gave him a computer and he's now building amazing features and crushing bugs.

Alexis Karnauskas

  • Project Manager

Alexis previously managed projects for the Ocean Observatories Initiative, which might explain why she’s so good at the game battleship. Now we're lucky to have her navigate the ever changing seas of software development and project manage the good ship S.S. Events Calendar.

Susan Jantzen

  • Head of Product & Design

We like Susan. She is a masterful translator of Dev-speak, Strategy-ese, Quenya, Pig Latin, and Shavian. A true clairvoyant seer, Susan uses her crystal keyboard to answer questions before they are even asked. She also runs a mean retrospective.

Courtney Robertson

  • Community Support

Courtney has made a name teaching software development to both kids and adults alike. Her greatest task might be teaching this team to act more like adults than third graders, but her knack for explaining tough concepts in plain English is the hallmark of the stellar copywriting skills she brings to our team.

Joel Liriano

  • Products QA Principal

Ever since joining the team, Joel has proven being awesome eating all the foods and all the desserts. He's also great at drinking claras under the Spanish sun. On his down time, he loves testing (and breaking) stuff and teaming up with devs to plot evil plans against bugs.

Rob La Gatta

  • Operations Manager

Rob has been working with Modern Tribe since 2011, building out the company’s first support team and establishing the quality assurance department, before transitioning over to Ops. He now leads the company’s day-to-day operations with a steady hand and a total commitment to offering top tier customer service to our team, ensuring everyone at MT has what they need to proceed and succeed.

Zach Tirrell

  • Product Business Unit Director

Zach likes comics, WordPress, and wearing turtlenecks. Like all proper product strategists, he spends evenings sticking post-it notes to his twelve pet guinea pigs. From there, determining feature priority is as simple as tracking the order in which they poop.

Masood Khan

  • Community Support

Masood is an Aerospace Engineer turned Web Developer who thinks that debugging a PHP script is more interesting than debugging an aircraft windshield. When not working you may find him spending time with his family on a nearby beach, watching re-runs of Seinfeld or annoying his wife with lame celebrity impressions.

András Guseo

  • Technical Support Principal

András is a sucker for solving problems. In fact, he just can't help himself when he hears the words "Help me" typed via the help desk. Or when his daughters ask him for ice cream.

Aaron Doherty

  • Lead Marketing Strategist

More customers, more revenue, more Bruce-Banner-turning-into-The-Hulk type growth. Aaron does that. Occasionally he takes a break for coffee. Occasionally coffee takes a break for him.

Sky Shabatura

  • Community Support

Sky, so-named because of his strength of belief in cloud infrastructure, is a passionate WordPress developer who we are lucky to have on our team. Along with being a strong support member, Sky is a musician, a chef, and a WordCamp regular.

Santiago Jaureguiberry

  • Community Support

An interesting mix between a handyman and a programmer, Santiago is a typical argie - soccer fan, ‘mate’ drinker, fernet taster, asado lover and, above all, you can always expect a hug when you see him.

Raul Pefaur

  • Community Support

Besides of working in tech-related projects, you may find him enjoying a good Gin Tonic while listening to some Techno music and doing some reading (all simultaneously).

Luca Tumedei

  • Backend Developer

Luca has a fixation for writing unit tests and a dream of someday saving the world from being overrun by pandas and mountain goats. He hails from Bologna and works while many of the rest of us sleep.

Hazel Quimpo

  • Content Marketing Strategist

Thomas William Selleck is an American actor and film producer who is known for starring as private investigator Thomas Magnum in the television series Magnum, P.I. Hazel is a marketing whiz who works for Modern Tribe and is known for her Tom Selleck memorabilia collection. We’re also pretty sure Tom Selleck owns Hazel memorabilia, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Clifford Paulick

  • Backend Developer

When Cliff isn't busy with backend dev he likes his dark chocolate - ideally covering a nut other than peanut. His favourite animals? Platypuses and otters!

Gustavo Bordoni

  • Development Principal

Raised by rabid anteaters in the Brazilian wilderness, Gustavo learned to hunt bugs at an early age and writing bug-free code was the next logical step. Now, wielding a keyboard and the debut Spice Girls CD, he keeps our plugins running in tip-top shape.

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