The Team

A project of this magnitude doesn't happen without an amazing team. We're proud to have some of the finest designers, developers, QA, and support crew out there. Interested in joining?

Luca Tumedei

  • Developer

Luca has a fixation with testing stuff; he really loves when a good test comes together. He hails from Bologna and questions the sanity of speaking about himself in third person.

Brian Jessee

  • Support & Developer

Brian has more hits on the plugin repos than Rod Carew, but that doesn't stop him from bringing his mad skills to the support forums -- that is, when not surfing at Assateague.

Shane Pearlman

  • Partner

Shane often speaks of the future in the present tense. It is confusing until you get to know him, but probably why we picked him to be our CEO. He's good at hugs, values living intentionally and is rarely found sitting still. He surrounds himself with smart, hat wearing people.

Reid Peifer

  • Partner

When the rest of the team is not blowing up his Slack account with questions about design, branding, marketing, strategy and general tips for being awesome, Reid can be found working on his smiling exercises in front of any given mirror. Oh, and he wears hats.

Barry Hughes

Discoverer of the 56th element in the periodic table - Barium - which was named after him. Today, Barry can be found drinking coffee, eating doughnuts and contemplating the universe whilst he tinkers with The Events Calendar.

Jeff Serani

  • Quality Assurance & Support

We spotted Jeff at a convention for making decorative ornaments out of macaroni noodles and glitter and were super impressed with his fine attention to detail, which he now applies to locating errors and issues with our products before they ship.

Andrew Adam

  • Quality Assurance

Andrew briefly turned his childhood love of catching bugs into a professional career in etymology before realizing that the bugs in The Events Calendar are cleaner and more fun than real-life insects. His reputation for squashing software bugs humanely but with fiery are unparalleled in the industry.

Geoff Belanger

  • Support

Geoff B., a Quebecois gentleman, brings great panache to our team. He and Geoff G. are putting together a cage match to determine who will be The One True Geoff. Until then, Geoff B. enjoys helping folks in our support forums, making music, and becoming a gamification ninja.

Leah Koerper

  • Support + Strategy

Leah loves gifs- the more cats and sparkles the better. She spends her time at Tribe being awesome, organizing things, and helping customers. Fastest Googler in the Western Hemisphere.

Matthew Batchelder

  • Developer

Matt is a full stack developer and children's book illustrator who wishes to engineer the perfect mammal using a zebra, a narwhal, and a platypus. With code. Somehow. We just smile and nod.

Jonathan Brinley

  • Developer

A WP plugin developer since 2005, Jonathan invokes fear in managers and colleagues alike with the magic word "refactor". He's currently training his two children for a future role as code minions.

Nico Santos

  • Support

Nico is our pizza-loving Argentinian. He's got a unique help-aholic personality that pushes him to spend his days providing top notch support to users... and of course, drinkin' lots of mate.

Sydney Tucker

  • Quality Assurance

Although QA is Agent Tuckers cover occupation while in the field, she does a damn good job of finding bugs. She uses her southern charm to sweetly break the news to developers that their stuff is still broken...all the while transmitting secret messages via walkie talkie and morse code. Squirt-gun wielding children tremble in her presence.

Brook Harding

  • Support

Brook has always loved computers. Starting at the age of five he began taking them apart and rebuilding them. They never did work right after that, but it was awful cute. Enjoys programming, tinkering, learning things, and helping people.

Nicole Ramsey

It took a brutal bidding war with Orkin to bring Nicole on the team, but the payoff has been incredible. Her keen attention to detail leaves no room for nasty bugs and only fuels her passion to eradicate them with each and every release.

Geoff Graham

  • Head of Quality & Support

Blond hair. Blue eyes. Knockout. WordPress fanboy. Gangsta rap aficionado.

Clifford Paulick

  • Support

Cliff is our ultimate secret support weapon. He's half-man and half...well...the other half is also a man - but both halves ARE really good at digging into WordPress. When he isn't fielding questions on our support forums, he enjoys taking pictures, playing tiddlywinks, and writing poetry about bees.

Peter Chester

  • Partner

Peter is real smart. He wears hats.

Jen Jamar

  • Marketing

Jen does an amazing job at keeping us consistent, marketable, and social. She's a quality editor, too. But we don't let her touch her own bio on this site so we can mayke as miny tYpos' and impeerfekshunns as we want! WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT, JEN?! YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE! <3

András Guseo

  • Support

András is a sucker for solving problems. In fact, he just can't help himself when he hears the words "Help me" typed into the forums. Or when his daughters ask him for ice cream.

Zach Tirrell

  • Director of Products

Zach likes comics, WordPress, and wearing turtlenecks. Like all proper product strategists, he spends evenings sticking post-it notes to his twelve pet guinea pigs. From there, determining feature priority is as simple as tracking the order in which they poop.

Caleb Lai

  • Design

We spotted Caleb on the north shores of Kauai, where he was wireframing detailed calendar interfaces in the fine grains of sand. We knew then that we had found our guy for creating killer designs for our products and have never looked back.

Caroline Tucker

  • Support

As an ambitious young sorceror's apprentice, Caroline dabbles in the art of support spellcraft, weaving intricate tapestries of email and forum threads. In her spare time she enjoys such lofty pursuits as painting with pixels, sipping cups of chamomile tea, and curating top-notch playlists of Backstreet Boys deep cuts.

Neill McShea

  • Project Manager

Neill is an orphan. He was found abandoned alongside two books: Learn PHP The Hard Way and The Merits of Test-driven Development. His destiny was clear.

Gustavo Bordoni

  • Developer

Raised by a pack of rabid anteaters in the Brazilian wilderness, Gustavo learned to hunt down bugs at an early age. Coding was the next logical step. Now, wielding his keyboard, three carrots, and an original Spice Girls CD, he keeps Modern Tribe's plugins running in tip-top shape.

George Gecewicz

  • Support & Content

George helps our customers in numerous support channels, and helps to wrangle our knowledgebase. He's been working with WordPress for nearly seven years and writing this biographical snippet for about twenty seconds.

Trisha Salas

  • Developer

Trisha was found on a recent team Pokémon Go expedition. She’s rare, rarer than Snorlax - and likes to hide out in darkened rooms during scrums. Since capturing her for The Events Calendar team she has been working as a front-ender and helped bring our accessibility game up to snuff.

Rob La Gatta

  • Director of Operations

Rob has been working with Modern Tribe since 2011. His love for QA stems from an obsession with pointing out imperfections...his passion for support, a byproduct of his fanatical respect for the Golden Rule.

Shelby Elliot

  • Support

Shelby's got more answers to forum questions than Dre's got beats to spit rhymes. You can find her slinging out helpful tips, tricks and general awesomeness in our support forums, and in our Knowledgebase.

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