Third-Party Product Showcase: The Events Calendar Category Colors

If you’ve ever worked before with The Events Calendar or any of our other products, you no doubt know about many of the useful features that our plugin offerings provide. You may even have spent some time exploring our additional resources for extending our products, such as the wealth of extra functions and features available through our Extension Library. Experienced developer looking to take your plugins to the next level? Delving into the world of WordPress for the very first time? Whatever the situation, you’re sure to find plenty of useful materials to meet your needs right here on

What you may not know is that, in addition to the resources we provide for our users, our plugins enjoy the support of a thriving community of designers, developers, and other talented members of the WordPress public. From themes offering plugin-specific integrations to tools made for tweaking plugin behaviors, a multitude of third-party products exist to meet a range of requirements. To help our users in uncovering these hidden (or not-so-hidden) gems, we’re happy to debut our Third-Party Product Showcase. Here, we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite findings in the world of TEC from across the WWW. We hope that you’ll take the time to explore these offerings in depth–you might just find that perfect solution you’ve been seeking! 🙂

The Events Calendar Category Colors

Our first feature comes to us courtesy of developer Andy Fragen, a long-time friend of the Tribe, and our very own Barry Hughes. This small-but-mighty add-on pairs with your existing install of The Events Calendar and adds an additional settings tab, Category Colors, to your WordPress backend.

The Events Calendar Category Colors settings

Here, users can quickly define unique color schemes for their event categories, which will display on matching events for calendars in Month View. An optional category legend located above the calendar itself makes it easy for visitors to quickly scan events for relevant topics.

Calendar using The Events Calendar Category Colors

Further options are available for customizing the display of your categories and events, including Legend Superpowers, a handy feature that adds clickable toggles to your category legends. Simply click on any displayed category in the legend, and events matching other categories will visually recede–great for highlighting relevant dates while still maintaining a view of the entire month’s events!

Demonstration of The Events Calendar Category Colors' Legend Superpowers feature

The Events Calendar Category Colors is a free download available on and supports The Events Calendar versions 3.0 and higher. Give it a try for your next site or project, and don’t forget to leave a great review for the developers while you’re at it!