Release: The Events Calendar 4.2.6, Event Tickets 4.2.6 and premium add-ons

We’re happy to present the next installment in this series of maintenance releases for The Events Calendar and Event Tickets. If you’ve been following along, we ship a number of maintenance releases in between the major feature releases for our products and this is the latest round of fixes.

The details of this release are below. We expect this to be a smooth and easy update without any breaking changes for those of you updating from version 4.2 and above. If, however, you are updating from an earlier version, then we suggest checking out our archive of release notes for specific details on what’s changed between releases and test the updates in a safe environment in advance. And, of course, we recommend that everyone make backups of the site and database when making any and all updates, as you would with any other WordPress release.

The following plugins were updated in this release:

  • The Events Calendar 4.2.6
  • Events Calendar PRO 4.2.5
  • iCal Importer 4.2.5
  • Event Tickets 4.2.6
  • Event Tickets Plus 4.2.6

The following plugins were not updated in this release and remain at their existing version numbers:

  • Community Events 4.2.4
  • Community Tickets 4.2.2
  • Filter Bar 4.2.2
  • Facebook Events 4.2
  • Eventbrite Tickets 4.2.1
  • Advanced Post Manager 4.2.1

The Events Calendar 4.2.6

  • Add tribe_is_event_past() conditional to detect if event end time is past current time (Reported by @Jonathan in our support forums — thanks Jonathan!)

Events Calendar PRO 4.2.5

  • Fix – Fixed an issue that would misplace recurrence exclusions when using UTC based timezones (A big thank you to @Ryan for getting this report to us via the support forums.)
  • Fix – Fixed recurring events misplacement or missing creation when using more than one recurrence pattern
  • Fix – Fixed erratic error during the “Empty Trash” operation when the trash contains recurring events instances

iCal Importer 4.2.5

  • Fix – Corrected an issue with timezones being striped from the start and end date causing the time in the imported event to be off. (Thanks to @John for reporting the errors he found in our forums, which led to this bug being fixed!)

Event Tickets 4.2.6

  • Tweak – Utilize new tribe_is_event_past() conditional to display better messaging when tickets are not available. (Thank you to @Jonathan here for reporting this in the forums!)

Events Tickets Plus 4.2.6

  • Fix – Resolved conflict with WooCommerce Memberships plugin that would cause ticket prices to be erroneously discounted while editing them (Initially reported by @foxfirecr8 – thank you!)
  • Fix – Improved the logic handling attendee meta data collection to avoid instances where a large number of tickets would cause data loss (Thank you to @FRANK for his help in reporting this)