The Events Calendar 5.6.0


Feature Release

This updated version of The Events Calendar features several bug fixes.

As always, we recommend updating on a staging site, just to be safe, but it should all be smooth sailing. And please note that this is a feature release that focuses on bug fixes and compatibility with our new Events Calendar Pro 5.6 update.

✅ Fixed

Bugs that were squashed in this release:
  • Saving Organizer and Venue IDs in the Block Editor no longer displays notices for failed deletion.
  • Resolved compatibility problem between The Events Calendar and plugins that use Select2.js.
  • Now loading full styles for V2 event pages only when using full styles.

⚙️ Developers

New or updated hooks:

  • Added the ability to filter cached view HTML. Hooks added were:
    • tribe_events_views_v2_view_cached_html
    • tribe_events_views_v2_view_{$view_slug}_cached_html
  • Added filtering hooks to Cache Listener to allow modifications to occurance triggering options.
  • Corrected implementation of filters in Views/V2/Hooks.php to avoid fatal errors.
  • Improve escaping for messages when no results were found using search (Thanks Steve Pollak)

New filters:

  • tribe_customizer_should_print_shortcode_customizer_styles
  • tribe_events_views_v2_view_ical_repository_args
  • tribe_events_views_v2_view_cached_html
  • tribe_events_views_v2_view_{$this->slug}_cached_html
  • tribe_ical_template_event_ids

Changed views:

  • blocks/classic-event-details
  • blocks/parts/details
  • modules/meta/details
  • v2/components/messages
  • v2/month/mobile-events/mobile-day
  • v2/month/mobile-events/mobile-day/day-marker


  • Modified Select2.js to clone jQuery.fn.select2 into jQuery.fn.select2TEC to avoid conflicting with third-party usage that didn’t include the full version of Select2.js.

🗣 Translations

Updated language files and strings:

  • 3 new strings added
  • 176 updated
  • 0 fuzzied
  • 6 obsoleted