The Events Calendar 5.14.2


Maintenance Release

This latest version of The Events Calendar improves the CSV import and adds filters to allow for better control of duplicate venues and organizers.

As always, we recommend testing updates on a staging site first, but it should all be smooth sailing.

✨ New

New features included in this release:

  • We’ve added support to the CSV import for the ISO Currency Code field.
  • We’ve made the first iteration of changes for Full Site Editor compatibility.
  • Added filters: tribe_merge_identical_organizers_enabled, tribe_merge_identical_venues_enabled, tribe_merge_identical_organizers_fields, tribe_merge_identical_venues_fields, tribe_amalgamate_venues_keep_venue, tribe_amalgamate_organizers_keep_organizer for better control of the merge duplicate venues and organizers functionality.
  • Added filter tribe_events_views_v2_ff_link_next_event to allow for better control of the fast-forward link target.
  • We now allow filtering the “next event” query in the fast-forward link.
  • Changed view: blocks/archive-events
  • We’ve added an alert under Events > Troubleshooting if the Event Aggregator imports are disabled.

✅ Fixed

Bugs that were squashed in this release:

  • Correctly calculate event duration when the event crosses the daylight saving date and time.
  • We now don’t try to validate “raw” as a date.
  • Ensure the Views don’t try to do math with strings.
  • Enable more than 5 CSV entries to be imported when using PHP 8.0.15 to 8.0.17 or PHP 8.1.2 to 8.1.4.
  • We now ensure Google Calendar links include the event description if it exists.
  • We’ve improved the compatibility with the Classic Editor so that the date and time metabox appears as expected.
  • We resolved a fatal error that occurred with the Site Origin Page Builder.

ℹ️ Reading

New Knowledgebase articles in this release:

🗣 Translations

Updated language files and strings:

  • 3 new strings added
  • 232 updated
  • 0 fuzzied
  • 0 obsoleted