Maintenance Release for the Week of 30 September 2019

We’ve got a few updates for Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus ready for you. For example, we’ve fixed some compatibility issues with themes as well as third-party plugins. Plus, we cleaned up a few warning messages, and the My Tickets page is now accessible from the single events once again.

As a reminder, maintenance releases are smaller updates between major updates that are mostly comprised of bug fixes, tweaks, and small but meaningful improvements. That means there shouldn’t be breaking changes, but hey, it’s always a good idea to backup and test on a development server as you would with any other WordPress update.

The detailed changelogs are below:

Event Tickets 4.10.9

  • Feature — We added new functions to rename ticket types and ensure consistent wording throughout the plugin:
    • tribe_get_rsvp_label_singular()
    • tribe_get_rsvp_label_singular_lowercase()
    • tribe_get_rsvp_label_plural()
    • tribe_get_rsvp_label_plural_lowercase()
    • tribe_get_ticket_label_singular()
    • tribe_get_ticket_label_singular_lowercase()
    • tribe_get_ticket_label_plural()
    • tribe_get_ticket_label_plural_lowercase()
  • Tweak – Administrators and Editors are now able to see Attendees in REST API responses by default.
  • TweakPromoter is our automated marketing tool for events. We now notify Promoter if an event with tickets is deleted to help make managing communications a little easier.
  • Fix – The attendee list link displays in the ticket and RSVP blocks. It had only been displaying if Event Tickets Plus was installed.
  • Fix – We’re preventing a conflict with the Genesis Framework where both post content and the excerpt wouldn’t show up in post archives.
  • Fix – We plugged a leak where tickets without attendee meta were showing up on the attendee registration page.
  • Fix – It was possible that a user could click the “Confirm RSVP” button multiple times, which would result in duplicate entries. That’s no longer the case.
  • Fix – The “Not going” string in the RSVP dropdown is now available to translate.
  • Fix – The “My Tickets” link on events with tickets was only refreshing the current page. We’ve updated how we intercept the singular event template when The Events Calendar is active. This applies specifically to events created using the Block editor. As a result, the “My Tickets” page loads correctly once again.
  • Hooks
  • Language101 new strings added, 158 updated, 48 fuzzied, and 104 obsoleted

Event Tickets Plus 4.10.8

  • Tweak – We added compatibility for third-party e-commerce plugins that separate tickets into separate line items and we also allow filtering those tickets in the cart.
  • Fix – Users can edit their information on the “My Tickets” page from the event view, but there was an odd behavior where clicking the “Update Tickets” link on the front-end would prevent the form from submitting properly. We’re now preventing PHP notices when updating attendee fields on the “My Tickets” page in order to save the information.
  • Fix – We’ve stopped throwing notices on the Orders admin view if there are no orders to show.
  • Fix – We’ve updated some older CSS syntax related to outdated gradient direction syntax in wootickets.pcss. We now follow current syntax protocols which has reduced warning notices.
  • Hooks
  • Language0 new strings added, 1 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

Not Updated This Release

The following plugins have not been updated this release and will remain at the version numbers specified here: