Maintenance Release for the Week of 22 April 2019

Today’s Maintenance Release is centered around Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus. We’ve polished up the attendee information fields when you create tickets in the ticket block editor. You’ll also find that you can now reorder tickets in the ticket block editor and changes will be visible on your published page.

Maintenance Releases are smaller updates between major updates that keep your ticketing running smoothly.  To see all of the changes included this Maintenance Release, check out the changelogs for all updated plugins below:

Event Tickets 4.10.4

  • Fix – Change RSVP import identifier in CSV importer so it provides the correct response message
  • Fix – Add the provider of the most recently chosen ticket to attendee registration url. Filter the attendee registration display to only show tickets for this current provider. So, when adding a WooCommerce ticket to the cart, the attendee registration page will only show WooCommerce tickets, and no Tribe Commerce or EDD tickets.
    • Note: If you are using the shortcode to customize your checkout flow, you need to be sure to add the provider param to the url sending customers to the Attendee Registration page
  • Fix – Prevent potential PayPal issues by not allowing $0 tickets in the block editor for Tribe Commerce
  • Fix – When moving an attendee prevent shared capacity from being enabled on the receiving event
  • Fix– Tidy attendee list print styles
  • Fix– Use an internal check (tribe.context→doing_cron) that is backwards compatible to avoid issues with WordPress versions before 4.8
  • Fix– Prevent PHP notices when looking for a template that does not exist in tribe_tickets_get_template_part()(props @stian-overasen)
  • Tweak – Changed minimum supported version of The Events Calendar to 4.9
  • Tweak – Add function and hooks for provider classes added to the attendee registration form
  • Tweak – Restyle RSVP block in the front end
  • Tweak – Allow reordering of ticket blocks in the block editor to be preserved in the front end
  • Tweak – After deleting attendees you are now redirected back to the admin attendee page to clear the url of the deleting actions
  • Tweak – Tribe Commerce knowledge base article link now opens up in a new window
  • Tweak – Attendee information fields configuration for block editor opens up in modal
  • Tweak – Move IPN settings together in the ticket settings tab
  • Tweak – Change attendee registration page shortcode to use ID instead of page slug, add function for backward compatibility
  • Tweak – Added filters:
    • tribe_attendee_registration_form_no_provider_class
    • tribe_attendee_registration_form_classes
    • tribe_attendee_registration_form_class
  • Tweak – Added filters to Tribe Common (applies to The Events Calendar as well):
    • tribe_common_log_to_wpcli
    • tribe_promoter_authorized_redirect_url
  • Tweak – Changed views:
    • blocks/rsvp/form/quantity
    • blocks/rsvp/icon-svg
    • blocks/rsvp/status/going-icon
    • blocks/rsvp/status/going
    • blocks/rsvp/status/not-going-icon
    • blocks/rsvp/status/not-going
    • registration/content
  • Tweak – Ability to use → where_multi() in Tribe_Repository objects to search for text matches on multiple fields (supports post fields, terms, and meta values)
  • Tweak – Allow for external modal control for the modal button component
  • Tweak – Keep track of whether the current request was authorized by the Promoter connector
  • Tweak – Changed views: promoter/auth
  • Language – 1 new strings added, 46 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted
  • Language for Tribe Common – 0 new strings added, 17 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted

Event Tickets Plus 4.10.3

  • Fix – Add Deleted Attendees Count to EDD and add checks for EDD/WooCommerce Tickets to only increase counter once per attendee
  • Tweak – Allow menu order to be saved when saving tickets
  • Tweak – Add hooks before WooCommerce and EDD Attendees are generated
    • tribe_tickets_plus_woo_before_generate_tickets
    • tribe_tickets_plus_edd_before_generate_tickets
  • Tweak – Add CSS for tribe_events_modal class when query string is present in url
  • Tweak – Modify the attendee meta to remove empty values, but keep zero and improve the escaping of data
  • Tweak – Add support for display 0 when it is a value in attendee meta
  • Tweak – Change attendee registration page options to use ID instead of page slug
  • Tweak – Use new tribe_attendee_registration_form_classes hook to add form classes for EDD/WooCommerce
  • Tweak – Added actions:
    • tribe_tickets_plus_woo_before_generate_tickets,
    • tribe_tickets_plus_woo_before_generate_tickets
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 16 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

Not Updated This Release

The following plugins have not been updated this release and will remain at the version numbers specified here: