Maintenance Release for the Week of 16 December 2019

We’re happy to announce our last scheduled release of 2019! Last week, we rolled out Event Tickets 4.11. This week we are making a few improvements that impact ticket quantity calculations and functionality.

Before we jump into the changelogs, it’s worth mentioning that this round of updates is a Maintenance Release. In other words, this is a smaller update between major updates and is mostly comprised of bug fixes, tweaks and small, but meaningful improvements. It should be safe to update without breaking changes, but we always suggest backing up your site as you would with any WordPress update.

As a reminder, Event Tickets has changed the way tickets are displayed on event pages as of Event Tickets 4.11.

🔔 Caution: We’re hard at work getting new designs for calendar views ready for release. While all the features will remain in place as you’ve known it for years, many of the existing view templates will be removed in upcoming releases. If you have customizations or plan on customizing the calendar views, override templates that will be contained in the /views/blocks directory.


To see all of the changes included this Maintenance Release, check out the changelogs for all updated plugins below:

Event Tickets 4.11.1

  • Feature – We’re now using the same loading icon for the RSVP block that we’re using for the tickets block.
  • Feature – The “Show attendees list on event page” settings option now applies to the REST API as well. We added a repository filter where_meta_related_by_meta() for getting a post by the meta value of an associated post.
  • Tweak — Some of our code for tickets and RSVPs would run in the background on the front end of post types that did not have tickets or RSVPs enabled. We added a tribe_tickets_is_enabled_post_context() function to limit the CSS and JavaScript for tickets and RSVPs to run only on posts with tickets or RSVPs enabled.
  • Tweak – We now avoid loading plugin assets on post types that do not having tickets enabled.
  • Tweak – You can hide the remaining number of tickets from displaying in the ticket display settings. We added a filter for ticket-display-tickets-left-threshold() to tickets and RSVP blocks and new filters that allow display an “Unlimited” label tickets with unlimited quantity.
  • Tweak -The following views were changed. Please be sure to check whether you have customized any of them before updating.
    • blocks/rsvp
    • blocks/rsvp/details/availability
    • blocks/rsvp/form/quantity-input
    • blocks/rsvp/loader
    • blocks/tickets
    • blocks/tickets/extra-available-quantity
    • blocks/tickets/extra-available
    • blocks/tickets/extra
    • blocks/tickets/item
    • blocks/tickets/quantity
    • blocks/tickets/registration/attendee/submit
    • tickets/rsvp
    • tickets/tpp
  • Fix – You can attach an image to your ticket. It’d sure make sense to allow you to upload that image in block editor as well so we fixed the header image attachment handling for RSVP blocks.
  • Fix – In Classic Editor mode, tickets were setting the end sale date to the current time when when no specific date was entered. We fixed that up to ensure that tickets without an end date in the Classic Editor are to end at the start of an event, per the tooltip.
  • Fix – The “Show attendees list on event page” settings option now applies to the REST API as well.
  • Fix — We found some ticket quantity inputs didn’t handle filtered maximum allowed ticket purchases. Overriding the maximum purchase quantity (via the tribe_tickets_get_ticket_max_purchase() filter) now works in all contexts.
  • Fix — Changing from one event ticket provider to another (e.g. Easy Digital Downloads to WooCommerce or vice versa) would cause both provider blocks to show on the event page. We are now preventing those duplicate blocks by adding logic to test the current provider against the event’s default provider.
  • Fix — When creating or editing RSVPs, the capacity and “Enable ‘Not Going’ responses” fields were not being saved. To solve this, we’re checking if a website is running WordPress 5.3+, then adding show_in_rest() as an array configuration for capacity and the RSVP “not going” fields so that they save properly.
  • Fix – Changing ticket quantities using the keyboard was incorrectly affecting other tickets in the registration modal and ticket forms. We are preventing missing data when forms are submitted by gracefully handling the <kbd>Enter</kbd> key in the modal form.
  • Fix – We increased the size of the -/+ buttons that control decreasing and increasing the number of purchased tickets in the ticket form. They were extremely small and enlarging them makes them more obvious and easier to use.
  • Fix– Users reported that apostrophes were breaking the data entered for ticket types and attendee registration labels in the Classic Editor. To solve this, we are handling special characters for Event Ticket field labels, like single quotes and colons, so they don’t break the saving.
  • Fix – On new plugin installs, an event where only RSVPs are enabled was producing a fatal error. To fix that, we’ve prevented loading RSVPs with the Tickets block render().
  • Fix – If the threshold for the number of available tickets of a ticket type was set in the event editor and the setting that shows the number of tickets available on the event page was disabled, then the shared capacity checks for ticket quantities were breaking. We corrected the way we handle shared capacity ticket inventories to prevent that.
  • Fix – When using Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus without The Events Calendar and switching from the Block Editor to the Classic Editor, tickets would fail to display because of leftover Block Editor comments. This was especially true for those using a page builder that uses wp: commenting. We corrected the missing block when switching editors.
  • Tribe Common Hooks
  • Plugin Hooks
  • Language0 new strings added, 131 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

Event Tickets Plus 4.11.1

  • Tweak – We now avoid loading plugin assets on post types that do not having tickets enabled.
  • Tweak – We spent time tidying up attendee registration fields. For example, we tweaked styles around asterisks for required fields to look nicer and clearer.
  • Tweak – We are ensuring that the font weight used for text is standardized for attendee fields on single-event and tickets views. Now things look way more consistent.
  • Fix – WooCommerce tickets no longer show negative quantity available to purchase, such as if a ticket product is already oversold and backorders are not allowed.
  • Plugin Hooks
  • Language0 new strings added, 22 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

Not Updated This Release

The following plugins have not been updated this release and will remain at the version numbers specified here: