Event Tickets Plus App 1.2.7

So, we have this little app for Event Tickets Plus. Well, not a little app but it’s something we released last year to help ticket sellers like yourself check people in at the door for an event. We call it (creatively) Event Tickets Plus App.

You may be able to guess what this handy app does directly from the name, but here’s the gist: It scans the QR code from the ticket an attendee receives when registering for an event created with Event Tickets Plus. Scan the code and the attendee is marked as checked in on the event in the WordPress admin. It’s pretty sweet.


If you don’t already have it, you can snag it (for free!) at Google Play and the Apple App Store.

If you do have the app, great! We just so happen to have a little update for you that we think you’ll love. Here’s what’s new:

  • Feature – We’ve added a vibration toggle so that you still get confirmations, even when your phone is in silent mode. In other words, you’ll now feel when the check-in scan occurs.
  • Feature – A new torch mode lets you use your phone’s camera flash as a flash light. This makes it a lot easier to scan tickets when there’s low light.
  • Feature – We’ve added error catching. This will log the bugs you experience on your device and share them with us.
  • Fix – When users scan a QR code more than once, we’ll wait until the 5-second timer tied to the QR code is expired. Then the app will try scanning again.
  • Fix – Some users reported that the home screen API keys would sometimes not save when entered. We’ve patched that up so your API key is retained when submitted.
  • Tweak – We’ve updated to latest supported SDK. Now, more phones and operating system versions are better supported. This also adds 64-bit support.

Fast and Reliable

Attendees are eager to get in to your event, and you don’t want to keep them waiting. This is your attendees’ first experience when they arrive.

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. With the Event Tickets Plus app, attendees can whip out their smartphone and present their QR code for a speedy check-in. Old-school printed tickets work the same way—they show the QR code on their ticket. Your staff scans it, and boom! Check-in are done on the spot and your team is already moving on to the next people in line.

As attendees are checked in, their data is sent back to your WordPress admin. From the admin, you can see real-time attendee reports that show how many people have been checked in compared to the total number of tickets sold.

From the admin, you can still accommodate common scenarios.

“I forgot my ticket.”

No sweat. You can look them up in the attendee report and check them in manually!

“This ticket has already been scanned.”

If a ticket is scanned after an attendee has already been checked in, the app will return an error message. The most common reason this happens is when someone buys multiple tickets and accidentally prints the same one for everyone in their party. A quick look at the attendee report will show how many tickets were purchased and allow you to manually check-in attendees as needed.

Get scanning today!

The Event Tickets Plus App is available for free at Google Play and the Apple App Store. Once you’ve downloaded it, head over to our QR scanning tutorial for a step-by-step setup guide.