Event Tickets 5.0.3


Maintenance Release

We’re introducing integration with the new feature in Event Tickets Plus 5.1.0 that allows you to collect attendee registration information on a per-ticket basis. This release also includes new optional views that make customizing ticket layouts easier than ever.

This is considered a maintenance release, meaning there are no breaking changes. That said, it’s always a good idea to make a backup of your site and database before installing the latest version of the plugin as you would do for any other WordPress update.

✨ New

Enable updated ticket views

The updated views are optional in order to allow for backwards compatibility, but enabling them in the plugin settings is required to use the new feature that allows collecting attendee information on a per-ticket basis. The new views are much more flexible when it comes to customizing ticket layouts, and feature extensive automated testing on our end that ensures a stable, well-functioning experience.

✅ Fixed

The following issues were fixed in this release:

  • We fixed an issue that resulted in incorrectly calculated attendee counts in reports when using RSVPs.
  • We corrected the specificity of of checkboxes and radio button CSS styles to prevent styling conflicts with our other plugins.
  • The shared capacity number of tickets no longer resets when updating a ticket in the WordPress editor.
  • We addressed a PHP notice that could have resulted in the “Not Going” text from displaying in the ticket form.
  • We added a helpful Knowledge Base link to all templates that did not yet have one set.

⚙️ Developers

The following filters were added:

  • tribe_tickets_attendee_create_individual_name
  • tribe_tickets_attendee_create_individual_email
  • tribe_tickets_data_ticket_ids_have_meta_fields
  • tribe_tickets_rsvp_get_ticket
  • tribe_tickets_has_meta_enabled
  • tribe_{$provider}_email_recipient
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_email_recipient
  • tribe_{$provider}_email_subject
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_email_subject
  • tribe_{$provider}_email_content
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_email_content
  • tribe_{$provider}_email_headers
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_email_headers
  • tribe_{$provider}_email_attachments
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_email_attachments
  • tribe_display_tickets_block_tickets_left_threshold
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_block_submit
  • tribe_tickets_show_original_price_on_sale
  • tribe_tickets_order_link_template_already_rendered
  • tribe_tickets_new_views_is_enabled
  • tribe_tickets_my_tickets_allow_email_resend_on_attendee_email_update
  • tribe_tickets_plus_hide_attendees_list_optout
  • tribe_tickets_block_show_unlimited_availability

The following filters were removed:

  • tribe_tickets_attendee_registration_has_required_meta
  • tribe_tickets_attendee_registration_is_meta_up_to_date
  • tribe_attendee_registration_cart_provider
  • tribe_attendee_registration_form_no_provider_classtribe_attendee_registration_form_classes
  • tribe_attendee_registration_form_class
  • tribe_tpp_email_from_name
  • tribe_tpp_email_from_email
  • tribe_tpp_email_content (removed direct usage, replaced with the equivalent $provider filter added above)
  • tribe_tpp_email_headers(removed direct usage, replaced with the equivalent $provider filter added above)
  • tribe_tpp_email_attachments(removed direct usage, replaced with the equivalent $provider filter added above)
  • tribe_tpp_email_recipient(removed direct usage, replaced with the equivalent $provider filter added above)
  • tribe_tpp_email_subject(removed direct usage, replaced with the equivalent $provider filter added above)

ℹ️ Changes

Templates that have changed in this release

New templates are available in this release but are only enabled when Event Tickets Plus 5.1+ is activated and the option to use those templates is selected on the Events → Settings → Display screen.

🗣 Translations

Languages strings updated in this release:

  • 42 added
  • 25 updated
  • 1 fuzzies
  • 28 obsoleted