Event Tickets 4.12.1

Hey folks! We’re happy to share today’s release with you. We’ve focused on the shortcode [tribe-user-event-confirmations] and several minor tweaks in this update.

This is a minor release that should be smooth sailing when updating. That said, it’s always a good idea to backup your site and test changes in a development environment before installing this on your live site, as you would with any other WordPress update.

Here are the detailed changes included in this release:

  • Feature – If you are using Event Tickets Plus to collect attendee information, you can now use new field types when requiring attendee information on a ticket or RSVP: Email, URL, Date of Birth, Date and Telephone.
  • Feature – We’ve added extended the [tribe-user-event-confirmations] shortcode with Event Tickets post and event filtering so that tribe_events() has new post filtering options: has_attendees, attendee, attendee__not_in, and attendee_user.
  • Feature – You can use “category” or “cat” for category IDs to generate a shortcode. We’ll default to the canonical one if you use both. We’ve added array utility methods: parse_associative_array_alias to build an array with canonical keys while taking alias keys into account and filter_to_flat_scalar_associative_array to help do so. This is useful for aliasing shortcode arguments, for example.
  • Feature – If you’ve previously installed our Event Tickets Shortcodes extension, we’re automatically deactivating it if you are using the latest version of Event Tickets Plus since those are now integrated into the plugin. For this and other extensions that graduate to official plugin features, we’ve added a tribe_extension_is_disallowed filter for Modern Tribe’s core plugins so we can deactivate those extensions in order to prevent potential conflicts.
  • Fix – We removed an opinionated instance of max-width: none; in CSS on generic elements over the attendee registration page to prevent theme conflicts.
  • Fix – When visiting the attendee registration page with a ticket that does contain any questions, a notification was visible while the ticket form loaded. That no longer happens.
  • Fix – We resolved an issue where a timezone would not display on the calendar’s front-end even if the “Show Time Zone” setting was enabled. We’re ensuring defaults are passed into Tribe__Tickets__Editor__Template->attr() correctly instead of defaulting to an empty array.
  • Fix – We are preventing potential third-party compatibility problems with func_get_args() for our legacy calendar view templates.
  • Fix – When attendee registration fields used the same label, they would have the same ID. We now use unique IDs on checkboxes and radio buttons on the attendee registration form fields to prevent styling conflicts and open up additional styling options.
  • Fix – If you create a ticket or RSVP on a post or page, our templates will now reflect the page or post label. We’ve updated several templates to account for a passed post to be of an unregistered post type, such as for an Event post when The Events Calendar plugin is disabled.
  • Tweak – We now ensure tickets labels use a function to retrieve the label so that they can be filtered. This will help you rename “tickets” to something else, like “pizza vouchers.” Or whatever you’d like.
  • Tweak – To help you locate the IDs necessary for using shortcodes, we now output the internal Post ID to the event title, ticket name, and attendee in attendees reports.
  • Hooks in Event Ticketshttps://docs.theeventscalendar.com/reference/since/event.tickets4.12.1/
  • Hooks in Tribe Commonhttps://docs.theeventscalendar.com/reference/since/tribe.common4.12.2/
  • Language in Event Tickets15 new strings added, 412 updated, 14 fuzzied, and 15 obsoleted
  • Language in Tribe Common1 new strings added, 1 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

Sneak Peek: We’re working on our next major release for Event Tickets. We will be unifying the look of RSVPs in block and classic mode, as well as giving it a fresh look.