Event Tickets Plus 5.1.1


Maintenance Release

This release includes improvements to the performance and stability of the plugin, plus a few new features we slipped in and hope you enjoy.

This is a “maintenance” release, meaning it should be a super smooth update but, as always, please backup your site and database as you would with any other WordPress update.

✨ New

We added a few new settings to the WordPress Customizer. Here’s how

  • Background color CSS overrides.
  • Event title color CSS overrides.
  • Event date and time CSS overrides.

These should give you a little extra flexibility to update the plugin design without code.

✅ Fixed

The following items were fixed in this release:

  • Saving a page or post with ticket or attendee shortcodes will no longer give a scary Error 500 or notices on the front end.
  • PHP notices on the attendee registration page and ticket details section have been resolved.

ℹ️ Changes

  • The meta field view templates (located in v2/components/meta) support placeholder text and are used on the attendee registration screen when the feature to collect attendee information on a per-ticket basis is enabled.
  • Ticket editor warnings have been moved to Event Tickets.

🗣 Translations

Some language strings were updated in this release:

  • 1 new string added
  • 8 strings updated
  • 3 strings obsoleted