Event Tickets 5.0.4


Maintenance Release

This release includes improvements to the performance and stability of the plugin.

This is a “maintenance” release, meaning it should be a super smooth update but, as always, please backup your site and database as you would with any other WordPress update.

✅ Fixed

Quite a few things were fixed in this release:

  • The plugin was incorrectly showing a warning notice about having multiple e-commerce providers enabled (e.g. tribe Commerce and WooCommerce) even when only one provider is enabled.
  • Sites that have not opted into the new attendee registration views in the plugin settings were seeing an additional checkout link and PHP notices in the ticket summary on the front end.
  • There were some instances where adding the start date and time to a ticket would automatically default to an end date 100 years in the future, and reverse the times. Time travel hasn’t been invented, so we fixed that up.
  • “RSVP” was removed as an e-commerce provider in the editor settings.
  • An unnecessary “Save and checkout” heading was removed from the registration-js/content.php view.
  • PHP notices are prevented by setting up the must_login argument within the registration-js/mini-cart.php view.
  • Potential conflicts are now prevented with themes, like Avada, that manually trigger a jQuery ready event during the normal jQuery ready event.

ℹ️ Changes

We made a few adjustments along the way:

  • We moved the form fields in the “Advanced Options” section of ticket and RSVP settings to the main form so they are no longer hidden by default in the Classic Editor.
  • A notice will now display at the top of the WordPress admin when a ticket has been added to a recurring event, warning that tickets do not support recurring events. We also improved the warning for adding tickets to a recurring event directly in the event editor.
  • A warning dialog will display to confirm the deletion of an attendee before immediately deleting the attendee, helping prevent accidental deletions.
  • A new warning will display when creating a ticket in the Classic Editor without an e-commerce service configured.
  • The “Additional CSS class(es)” field has been removed from the Advanced settings for the Ticket, RSVP, and Who’s Attending blocks.
  • Minor changes to the plugin’s welcome page.

🗣 Translations

Language strings were also updated in this release:

  • 16 strings added
  • 167 strings updated
  • 7 strings obsoleted