Maintenance Release for the Week of 16 September 2019

We’ve got a slew of new updates for you on a few of our plugins. We’re talking bug fixes, refinements, and several new hooks that make things more functional and flexible than before in this round of updates.

Before we dig into the specific changes, just a reminder that Maintenance Releases are smaller updates between major updates that are mostly comprised of bug fixes, tweaks, and small but meaningful improvements. That means updating to the latest versions should be pretty seamless, but we still recommend backing up your files and database as you would with any other WordPress update.

To see all of the changes included this Maintenance Release, check out the changelogs for all updated plugins below:

Event Tickets 4.10.8

There are a lot of fixes in this update. Most notably, the ticket creation process is more consistent across the board, but we’ve also refined how attendees and tickets are counted to provide more accurate reports.

  • Tweak – We’re working toward a consistent publishing experience for tickets when using either the Classic or Block editor. We’ve renamed a few files as part of that effort:
    • src/views/tickets/orders-link.php to src/views/tickets/view-link.php
    • src/views/blocks/attendees/order-links.php to src/views/blocks/attendees/view-link.php
  • Tweak – You need the ability to change the position of your currency, for example $42 or 38€. Tribe Commerce PayPal Tickets now sets the Euro currency symbol after amount (postfix/suffix) if the WordPress site language is set to a non-English language, to match the EU‘s guidelines.
  • Tweak – Some of the controls for recurring events were showing up on select mobile devices when they shouldn’t when viewing the Community Events “add event” form. We added a class to the wrapper div around ticket controls in admin to prevent that.
  • Tweak – Previously, if Event Tickets Plus version 4.11 required Event Tickets version 4, the notice would say, “You need exactly (implied) version 4 of Event Tickets.” That was confusing, so we’ve updated the alert to clear things up: “You need version 4 or later of Event Tickets.” This is a smarter way to check plugin dependency with more accurate admin notices if not all of the requirements for running the plugin are satisfied.
  • Tweak – To improve your website performance, we’ve reduced our file sizes by removing .po files and directing anyone creating or editing local translations to
  • Tweak – We noticed active ticket prices for already saved tickets were un-editable when using Community Tickets. This was affecting all events, whether they were submitted via Community Events or not. We have provided filters for the ticket form price field to be disabled as well as its description text. The code resides within Event Tickets but really impacts Community Events users the most.
  • Tweak – Text is now allowed to wrap in attendees and orders report tables to avoid overflowing content.
  • Tweak – Order ID and Product ID search types were added to the Attendees Report and we fixed the Ticket ID search type to be based on the ticket’s Post ID.
  • Tweak – When a user who is logged into WordPress does not have permission to access the WordPress admin, you can redirect them anywhere you’d like using Redirect URL. We’ve changed the url validation error text to say it needs to be valid, rather than requiring an absolute URL.
  • Tweaktribe_get_request_var() now includes an explicit check against $_REQUEST.
  • Fix – When we display alerts about plugin dependencies, a modal pops up to describe what plugins to install. For this to happen, we enqueue a Thickbox script on all admin pages, but only when needed.
  • Fix – When you use Community Tickets on the front end to search for attendee information, it should stick to searching there. However, it was conflicting with searching your whole website. We’ve changed the front end search box input name in Community Tickets. Now, instead of seeing yoursite/?s=thing when you search for attendee information, you’ll see yoursite/?search=thing.
  • Fix – Some customers reported being unable to access some of the events admin pages when the Event Tickets plugin is active. We fixed a search query that had no upper limit set. We’re now checking if it has at least one item.
  • Fix – We noticed that attendee counts for some orders weren’t adding up and tracked it back to refunds. We now support refunded attendee counting/handling for Tribe Commerce and Event Tickets Plus WooCommerce orders.
  • Fix – The Attendees Orders view using Tribe Commerce wasn’t able to handle string translations. That means terms within our plugins weren’t translatable. We’ve updated strings that had incorrect text domains to generate translations.
  • Fix – When purchasing tickets from an unlimited Tribe Commerce ticket, unlimited stock tickets were showing negative counts. We’ve corrected the sold count in Attendees Report and improved the text so that display quantities sold and remaining for all ticket types are always displayed.
  • Fix – We’ve got a filter to set the maximum capacity of tickets a user can purchase. It’d make sense to let that filter work. We’ve corrected the docblock and variable names passed to the tribe_tickets_get_ticket_max_purchase filter and updated RSVP and Tribe Commerce ticket templates to only display the available quantity.
  • Fix – Headings for expired Tribe Commerce Tickets were displaying on the front end, even though the tickets weren’t. We cleaned it up so that the heading won’t appear on a single event page if there are only past Tribe Commerce tickets.
  • Fix – Site visitors who are logged in and purchase Tickets or make a RSVP should get a link to view the purchased tickets on the post, page, or event where the action took place. This wasn’t happening when using the Block Editor. The link will now appear as it should.
  • Fix – Placing the currency symbol after the amount wasn’t working. Instead, it was showing no currency symbol at all. The currency symbol will now follow your placement preference.
  • Fix – Using singular or plural nouns isn’t just for school. We’ve updated \Tribe__Tickets__Tickets_View::get_description_rsvp_ticket() to determine when to use the appropriate singular or plural texts based on the quantity found for each ticket type and deprecated its third parameter (_bool_ $plurals). (Props @solepixel for pointing us to the issue!)
  • Fix – We corrected two places where the translation domain was incorrect. (Thanks to @cfaria for the catch!)
  • Fix – Logged in site visitors can alter their RSVP status (Going/Not Going). Now those changes are actually saved to your website, even if tickets have no Attendee Information fields.
  • Hooks
  • Language5 new strings added, 132 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 3 obsoleted
  • Language impacting Tribe Common2 new strings added, 48 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 2 obsoleted

Event Tickets Plus 4.10.7

This release slims the plugin size down a bit and cleans up some instances where errors could be produced in certain scenarios, such as editing an event from using the WordPress admin bar on the front end. Speaking of the admin, we’ve tailored our alerts to display correctly when Event Tickets Plus notices that Event Tickets isn’t active or installed.

  • Tweak – Like Event Tickets, we’ve reduced our file sizes by removing .po files and directing anyone creating or editing local translations to
  • Tweak – Users reported a fatal error when editing an event from the front-end admin bar menu. We added a class exists check for Tribe__Tickets_Plus__Commerce__WooCommerce__Email to prevent a fatal error in rare cases
  • Fix – Like Event Tickets, we noticed attendee counts were inaccurate due to refunds. Now, we adjust WooCommerce attendee totals to account for refunded (i.e. do not include refunded tickets with completed tickets).
  • Fix – Users noticed that the tickets email wasn’t sending when purchasing other product types at the same time. We’re now correctly checking for attendees created just before sending ticket emails, which resolves ticket email problems when adding a ticket and then another product to the cart and checking out.
  • Fix – Like Event Tickets, we’ve got a filter to set the maximum capacity of tickets a user can purchase. It’d make sense to let that filter work. We’re getting each ticket’s quantity available in a filterable way.
  • Fix – When a plugin requires another, like Event Tickets Plus requires Event Tickets, we give a warning if the first requirement isn’t met. However, it seems our alerts were off when The Events Calendar was active but Event Tickets wasn’t. All cleaned up. The dependency checker now correctly identifies missing Event Tickets on activation or deactivation of Event Tickets with The Events Calendar active.
  • Fix – You can chose your own attendee registration page slug. However, it wasn’t saving the changes. That’s frustrating. We’ve fixed the attendee registration settings slugs used in the retro_attendee_page_option functionality so your changes stick.
  • Fix – Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) users noticed a false error that there wasn’t enough availability for ticket purchases. We now check for available stock by using _tribe_ticket_capacity instead of _stock meta field in EDD to resolve this.
  • Fix – We resolved an issue when saving the Attendee Information checkbox and radio field values after they have been edited.
  • Hooks
  • Language1 new strings added, 36 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

Community Events 4.6.5

The big fix here involves ensuring that email notifications properly send when a new event has been submitted to the calendar.

  • Fix – We prevent custom settings styles from impacting other settings tabs.
  • Fix – Community Events allows you to notify someone via email that an event has been submitted. Sadly, saving changes there was broken. But now, the “Email addresses to be notified” option correctly saves its input. All is well again.
  • Fix – Related to keeping the version dependency alerts under control, we now enqueue Thickbox script on all admin pages when needed.
  • Hooks
  • Language0 new strings added, 23 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

Community Tickets 4.7.1

We nailed down admin alerts like we did in the other plugins in this release, but have also bumped up the required version of WooCommerce to 3.2.0. That means you’ll want to make sure WooCommerce is up to date when installing this update.

  • Tweak – The plugin now requires WooCommerce 3.2.0 or newer (from October 11, 2017).
  • Tweak – See Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus examples. We implemented smarter plugin dependency checking with more accurate admin notices if not all requirements are satisfied.
  • Tweak – We adjusted the Split Payments settings helper text to accommodate the new payouts functionality.
  • Fix – We noticed prices for active tickets couldn’t be edited when using Community Tickets. This was affecting all events and not just the ones submitted via Community Events. We have provided filters for the ticket form price field to be disabled as well as its description text. We will always allow admins to edit ticket prices in the back end.
  • Fix – We’ve made our internal is_admin check more robust and accurate, allowing admins to edit ticket prices.
  • Fix – We now prevent custom settings styles from impacting other settings tabs.
  • Fix – The front end search box input name has been changed to no longer trigger a theme’s Search template.
  • Hooks
  • Language83 new strings added, 70 updated, 7 fuzzied, and 8 obsoleted – Yeah that number looks a bit off for us too. It seems as though the POT didn’t generate properly for Community Tickets 4.7. So sorry about that. We’ve also fixed up this tally when using version 4.7 as well.

Not Updated This Release

The following plugins have not been updated this release and will remain at the version numbers specified here: