3.11 Release Candidate code is now available

Good afternoon, friends and foes alike (but hopefully mostly friends)! We’re gearing up to release version 3.11 of The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO + all add-ons. As of earlier today, Release Candidate versions of the entire plugin suite are available here on TheEventsCalendar.com.

We got good feedback after our first attempt at sharing Release Candidate code during the 3.10 lifecycle last month, so we’ve decided to do it again this month.  Putting this code out there gives customers + their developers a chance to try the update (ideally on a test/staging site, rather than production!) early to get a sense of what it’ll include.

While Release Candidate code is close to what we’ll be shipping, it is still going through QA testing – so there may yet be bugs we’ve not patched. To that end, it’s wise to back up your site before installing…just to be safe. This is a much smaller release than 3.10 so we aren’t expecting many issues. But it’s always smart to update strategically when possible.

Like last time, active license holders for any of our premium plugins can find the Release Candidates under Account -> Downloads here on the site. The downloaded .zip can be uploaded to your site + installed like any other plugin; note that in the plugins list, they also reference that they’re an RC so you won’t have confusion as to whether you’re running the official release or an earlier incarnation of it.

Also note that on the Downloads page we’ve included an RC for the core The Events Calendar 3.11. It is required to run any of the premium add-ons. If you don’t have a valid license, or if your license has expired, you won’t have access to any premium release candidate code.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!