Elastic Events

Supercharge your calendar with the power of Elasticsearch, an enterprise level search engine that serves your calendar data at near real-time speed.

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Blazingly Fast Events

Elastic Events is a free plugin that integrates Elasticsearch with The Events Calendar to store your events on an optimized server for faster page loads.

How it Works

You publish events to your calendar

Like tons of them. So many that normal WordPress database tables might buckle at the knees and create long load times.

They get pushed to Elasticsearch

Elastic Events makes a call to Elasticsearch, which is installed on your server or a separate one to offload the data.

Your calendar is faster than ever

The Events Calendar fetches data from Elasticsearch’s optimized search engine, which quickly returns the content.

What You’ll Need

  1. The Events Calendar. This is our core calendar plugin for WordPress. If you do not already have it, you can download and use it for free.
  2. Elasticsearch. It can go on your own server or you can use a host, like Searchly.com or Elastic Cloud to manage it for you.
  3. ElasticPress. It’s a free plugin that you can download and install right from your WordPress admin. Once installed and activated in WordPress, you’ll head over to the settings screen to hook it up to your Elasticsearch host.
  4. Elastic Events. You’re already here, so grab a copy for free and install it to WordPress like any other plugin. There’s no setup involved. Once activated, it will communicate with ElasticPress so you can sit back and enjoy your new speedy calendar.