Premium Plugins for WordPress!

Twitter Widget Pro for WordPress

Events Calendar Pro for WordPress

We’ve officially launched our first handful of Premium WordPress Plugins in partnership with Brandon Jones (EpicEra).

Check out the “Events Calendar Pro” plugin for all of your event management needs – a robust calendar system built specifically for WordPress 3.0. Also be sure to find the first premium “Twitter Widget Pro” for multi-user twitter feed management. Yep, that’s right, you can manage multiple twitter users from the same widget – sweet!

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  1. Thanks for this great plugin !

  2. Cheers for abandoning the free version!

    1. Hey Steve,

      We are not actually abandoning the free version. We have been discussing it and are thinking about releasing the premium code open source about 2-3 versions behind the premium one. Still not sure on that, just a possibility.

  3. Will/does the premium version play any better with the Atahualpa framework? I had finally gotten the Atahualpa sidebars to display on my Events page and not more than a day later I upgraded and boom no more sidebars… and no amount of code futzing seems to make it right.

    BTW, thanks for continuing to produce and support the open source version – that is super important on many levels. I firmly believe that WordPress would be nothing right now if it wasn’t for the generosity and trust within our community. I’ve put in many of my own dev hours on projects, received donations and sent more donations on to other devs. I hope most will respect your need to monetize but always keep the open source roots in mind. None of this would exist without them. Not to mention, look what a sh!itstorm and profit fest Joomla has turned into.

  4. hi all, I am using this great plugin..but the free version. is there any project to integrate this into plugin buddypress?

  5. Sorry, Shane and Jaxon if I came off a bit rude. What I should have explained is that you really need to update the free version so that it always works with the current version of WP. While I don’t think I’m having any issues I can find others who appear to and leaving them out in the cold doesn’t encourage purchases.

    Paying for extra features is always a good system of monetising open source software, that and paid for support. Simply patching something so it works on the current platform then charging for it is as good as bait-and-switch.

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  7. Dear Shane and Peter,

    I’m developing a new site for an academic centre and really liked your Events Calendar plugin. I’ve upgraded to wordpress 3 without much problems and so far the calendar matches our needs.

    I have a couple of questions about it though

    – are there new features on the paid version? if so, what?
    – we usually tag our events in subcategories and although the template I use lists the subcategories ok I wonder if there was any way to have a link to the subcategories in the entries themselves. Not sure if that came out clearly…

    Thanks for the good work!

    1. Many many new features. =)
      Pro has full subcategory support.

  8. Another question – is there a way to make the events NOT show up on the main page unless we want them to?

  9. I stopped by to check out the developers behind the free Image Widget plugin and feel compelled to reply to Steve.

    Imagine a Ben & Jerry’s representative standing on a corner on a hot summer’s day. He’s passing out free scoops of Dead Velvet*, the new True Blood-themed ice cream. You like it, but when you come back the next day for another taste you find that B&J’s is now only selling it in pints. Do you (a) whip out your wallet and pay for the pint because it was soooo worth it and you want them to make even more or (b) run screaming into the store about how you felt sucker-punched and cheated from “free forever until I die” ice cream?

    Why are the users of open source products so often an offensive set of b-group people?!

    Show some humility, dude. The tool you downloaded still works with the WordPress package for which it was released. There was no bait-n-switch, and its an affront to the developers’ work for you to make that suggestion.

    Indeed, the version with which any plugin is compatible is stated on its download page. While updates for errors are welcome, developers are certainly not expected to update with each WordPress release because *you* the users raced for the latest package.

    It is great that you have found their tool so important that you find yourself wanting an update and there is nothing wrong with a polite inquiry about whether they will update the free release.

    But behave yourself like a responsible, respectful adult, okay? Be polite, goddammit!


    *Dead Velvet is not my idea, but I am hoping that B&J’s takes it up and runs with it.

  10. Thanks for the encouraging words Tammi!

  11. Is there a way to insert images into the post? More precisely, is it possible to align the inserted image to a certain position say align to the left where the text just wrap around it? I don’t know about the pro version but the basic one doesn’t offer that, at least not without messing with the CSS.

    1. Hey Wei, go add you question to the support forum. Please note that we typically only reply to verified buyers.

  12. Hello:

    I purchased the calendar plugin and it works well.
    Do I have to use the Day and Time Permalink settings?
    My site is built and I want to add this, and I used custom

    Not thinking, I changed the structure and now the plugin works, but not my site. 🙁

    As well, when I create an event, and then go back in and edit it, it defaults to 1969 and I can’t edit it again.

    Any ideas? Thanks!


    1. Hey Randy, go add you issue to the support forum.

  13. Cheers for abandoning the free version!

  14. Thanks so much for the Events Calendar plug-in! Does the Pro version support recurring events?

    1. We are actively working on that right now. It will be in ECP 2.0 (couple more months or so).

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